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The Fosters Recap: Sex, Drugs, and Vows of Silence

The Fosters Recap: Sex, Drugs, and Vows of Silence

The Fosters Recap: Sex, Drugs, and Vows of Silence

This week life-changing secrets are revealed, thanks to...pot brownies?


Last night's episode of The Fosters was certainly not short on big reveals. There are still many more questions to be answered (and traumas to be dealt with, taking a look at next week's promo) but we did finally get some pretty epic revelations. Why Jude's gone silent isn't one of them, but we do learn more about why the little guy's stopped speaking. At family breakfast, the team discusses what Jude's therapist has described as "selective mutism," a  coping mechanism he's using to deal with something as-of-yet uncertain. Cue Callie's step-sister Sophia showing up with a gift for Callie on her way to school, and when Jude overhears the interaction, it becomes clear that maybe the newfound sibling in Callie's life may have had a bigger effect on him than she first thought.

At school, Emma confronts Jesus and tells him she thinks breaking up might have been a mistake. Jesus apologizes for calling her bossy and says he likes that she knows what she wants, but she admits he was a little right. Now that Emma wants to get back together, Dance Team Haley wants to go public with Jesus, claiming he, "sees the real me." Jesus doesn't want to out themselves as a couple since he so recently broke up with Emma (slash probably wants to get back with Emma), and Haley reluctantly complies. Mariana, in the meantime, isn't thrilled that Jesus keeps messing with all of her friends, but he's not too into listening to her love advice. Oh, the turbulent love life of fifteen-year-olds. Meanwhile, Jude's bestie Connor stops by Lena's office to confess that he thinks Jude isn't speaking because of the ban Connor's dad put on sleepovers due to him thinking Jude was gay. Lena explains that Jude knows Connor isn't his dad, and she's sure this isn't the reason he's not speaking. Connor's relieved, but is still pretty crushed about Jude not speaking to him. He's even taken to defending Jude against the kids at school who make fun of him behind his back. For the record, Connor is quickly becoming one of my favorite characters on this show, and I wish him and Jude a happy life togther.

At the precinct, Mike and Stef check in with each other, and she points out the positive change in his attitude. Mike accredits the behavioral upswing to Dani's influence, and congraulates Stef and Lena on the pregnancy. Mike's in a great mood and is excited to be having Brandon over for dinner with him and Dani that night. After Mike leaves, Stef is informed that the recently discovered Jane Doe/maybe Ana's cause of death was officially decared 'blunt force trauma.' But still believing Mike killed Ana isn't the biggest issue on the table. Unfortunately, Mike has to work late, thus leaving Bradon and Dani alone together for dinner. Brandon isn't up for alone time since two had awkwardly slept together during Dani and Mike's break up and demands to leave. Dani wants Brandon to get over what happened between them, but when Brandon confronts her about how wrong it was, she shoots back that it was actually Brandon who was using her to hurt to his dad. "You didn't screw me that night, you screwed him," isn't exactly the line of the week, but it's definitely the most creepily memorable. Sexually blackmailing a 16-year-old is so not cool, Dani. I honestly hope you killed Ana so we can get you out of the picture and all be happy again.

That night, Lena sits down with Jude to discuss the situation with Connor and Connor's dad, but Jude's still not into speaking. If you can't open up to Lena during one of her inspirational pep talks, there's a serious issue going on. Stef and Lena chat privately about how Mike could potentially have killed Ana, but Lena reminds her they're not even sure if Ana's dead. Stef explains she believes the Jane Doe might be Ana, and got Ana's dental records to try and prove it. Only problem is, since Jane Doe's death was a homicide she'd potentially be linking Mike as a suspect. Lena doesn't believe Mike could kill anyone, but Stef's sure he would do anything to protect the family. On an uplifting note, Lena's pregnancy is starting to show! It's not all doom, gloom, and Mike maybe killing people!

Adventure time with Brandon and the band! Brandon believes they are meeting for a chill hangout, but the group is actually getting together to get high on pot brownies and write lyrics. Only problem is, the pot brownies are just a bit too strong- especially for dear Brandon's first marijuana experience- and they get too high to write. Lou moves on to word association games with Brandon, but when he associates "sex" with "guilt," he's too overwhelmed and departs from the group. Unfortunately, this ends in Brandon wandering alone through the woods until he makes his an oddly responsible decision to call Lena. She picks him up, he confesses about the brownies, and the two spend some mom/son bonding time working through Brandon's harsh high together. When he's a little less zoned out, he finally lets Lena in on his current biggest secret - that he and Dani slept together. He asks Lena not to tell, believing Stef would kill Dani and Mike would start drinking again. Lena clearly feels conflicted, and leaves us all hanging on her decision (pretty strong guess: this is going to get out eventually).

While making out in bed, Callie decides that she's ready to go further with Wyatt. He brings up that it would be a parole violation for her, but she insists this is what she wants. However, when they try to get intimate, Callie has a panic attack and has to end things early. Wyatt's compliant and respectful, but Callie is freaked out and can barely look at him. At work, she talks through it with Daphne, and wonders if she wasn't able to sleep with Wyatt because she's still in love with Brandon. Just then, she thinks she sees Liam (her previous foster brother who sexually assaulted her) at the restaurant. Even though it wasn't really Liam, we all now have a pretty strong feeling about why Callie actually wasn't comfortable sleeping with Wyatt.  


Dani shows up at the precinct to talk to Stef about Mike's mis-behavior lately. She knows he wouldn't skip dinner with Brandon, and believes that the time he's spending out late might be either because he's drinking or having an affair. That night, Stef follows Mike to a motel, and though she's about to drive away she's also Stef, so of course she goes to investigate. But wait! Who should answer the door then Ana herself, finally proving she has definitely not been murdered by mike. And that's all for this week, folks. Next week's episode seems to take a detour from the usually daily drama to deal with a complication with Lena's pregnancy, so prepare to get weepy. For real, even the promo is crushing our soul a little bit:




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