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18 Signs You and Your Girl Are a Couch Couple

18 Signs You're a Lesbian or Bisexual Couch Couple

18 Signs You're a Lesbian or Bisexual Couch Couple

The first step is admitting...

1. Your fantasy is a threesome – with you, your girl…and Netflix. Orange Is the New BlackThe L Word, Itty Bitty Titty Committee, Kiss Me and Loving Annabelle at the top of the queue, of course.

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2 Your girlfriend may need an intervention because she refuses to believe that Emison is over, and now she won't leave the couch until she figures out who the hell Charles is!


3. Going out on a date night with your girlfriend sounds more like climbing Mt. Everest. 


4. Cooking at home together is the most romantic thing you could do - swoon! 


5. Ordering in is even MORE romantic! 

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6. Your woman knows, when it comes to wine, glasses just aren’t necessary! 


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7. Women's NCAA March Madness is a tense time in your house, and the couch becomes the kitchen, dining room and living room since you can't leave until your bracket is the winner!


8.  There is a constant battle over who gets Piper or Alex on their hall pass list for a hookup. 


9. Your top complaint is that the kitchen is too far from the living room.



10. Your cat also has its own designated spot on the couch and let's be honest, your pets always come first in your house.


11. Sweatpants are your new uniform, and fighting over who has to find the remote is about as physical as you get.  


12. You fought with your girlfriend over who was right in the Callie and Arizona break up for weeks!



13. When thinking of romantic places - your couch is at the top of the list. 


14. You both are obsessed with Broad City and love to ship Abbiana!


15. Every Home Depot trip requires a stop for a new piece of wood to reinforce the couch. 


16. You hate when people other than you and your girlfriend sit on your couch since it ruins the perfect cuddle arrangement of your pillows. 


17. Choosing who gets to pick the television show isn't so much about what genre but who is shipping who. 


18. You have no idea what to do on Friday nights now that Glee is canceled: you watched every episode of Glee, and the reruns, even AFTER they forced you to watch the new kids. 

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