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The Top 6 Gay Girl TV Moments of 2011

 The Top 6 Gay Girl TV Moments of 2011

Watch the greatest TV lesbian moments of the year including Naya Rivera's lesbian Cheerio Santana, Sara Ramirez's and Jessica Capshaw's Callie and Arizona, Pretty Little Liars lesbian Emily (Shay Mitchell), the Good Wife's Kalinda (Archie Panjabi), the Playboy Club's out actress Amber Heard and Vicci Martinez and Beverly McClellan.

Not so very long ago, LGBT viewers had few options for quality lesbian or bisexual characters in the TV landscape. There was The L Wordand… Um, well… At least The L Word was awesome.

Luckily, today in 2011, there are several diverse, multifaceted lesbian and bisexual female characters on television. Across all genres, networks, and age groups, in roles big and small, queer women are some of the most fascinating and popular characters on TV. So when the real world can be cold and lonely, you can just click on the boob-tube and find comfort in the struggles and victories of such characters.

In case you were doing something else all of 2011, like getting outside, working, studying, raising kids, or reading, SheWired rounds up the greatest lesbian moments of the year, with clips. (In no particular order.)

Santana Comes Out on Glee

By season three, it was obvious the Emmy and GLAAD award-winning Glee is an unparalleled leader in LGBT media representation. The glee kids - the New Directions-- routinely faced bullying and the gay members of the club are placed in authentic, romantic, and heart wrenching scenarios every week, often front-and-center. The real revelation of out creator Ryan Murphy’s musical series in 2011 was all about Naya Rivera's Santana. The sultry voiced, sardonic Cheerio Santana skillfully unveiled her inner turmoil over being in love with her BFF, Brittany (Heather Morris) and came out as a lesbian. Who knows how many young questioning, bisexual and lesbian women Santana will affect… Below is Santana's coming out speech to her abuelita.

Beverly McClellan and Vicci MartinezRepresent in The Voice’s Final Four

After years without an out contestant on that other singing show (American Idol), NBC’s new reality series The Voice came out swinging with several proud gay singers. Two talented, out women made it all the way to the final round of the competition. Think that’s no big deal? Think again.It led to the LA Times headline: “America Loves Singing Lesbians,” as the public voted four times to save out lesbians Beverly McClellan and Vicci Martinez from expulsion. Of course, it wasn't because of their sexuality that Vicci and Bev made it to the finale.  The two powerhouses proved through several performances that they are forces to be reckoned with who possess supreme vocal prowess. Just give a listen to Beverly’s “I’m the Only One” or to Vicci’s “Rolling in the Deep” for a sampling of their vocal chops. They may not have taken the top prize, but their stories and their talents inspired LGBT audiences. Both McLlellan and Martinez are recording new music, with exciting famous collaborators and a worldwide fan base, thanks to the show.

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Amber Heard Stars in NBC’s The Playboy Club

Yes, we know The Playboy Club was canceled after only three episodes. But, that doesn’t diminish the efforts of the creative team behind the Chicago-set 1960s series. Firstly, casting out actress Amber Heard, who is very much in love with photographer Tasya Van Ree, in the lead dispells the myth that LGBTs cant ‘play straight’ that still prevails in Hollywood. Secondly, the show featured an excellent lesbian storyline following a closeted bunny, Alice, Played by Leah Renee Cudmore. Alice’s secret life included a “Lavender marriage” to a gay man. The faux-couple banded together to “pool money for the Mattachine Society, an important pre-Stonewall part of LGBT history.

Calzona Forever: Grey’s Anatomys Lesbian and Bisexual Docs Get Musical, Marriage, & Motherhood

For Seattle Grace’s beloved surgeon duo Callie (Sara Ramirez, a real life Tony-winner) and Arizona (Jessica Capshaw), 2011 was a hectic year of immeasurable joys and far-reaching sorrows. The hottest couple on primetime faced their darkest day yet in the moving musical event episode, “Song Beneath The Song,” after a car accident put Callie and their unborn daughter’s life in jeopardy. (Oh, and just to amp up the drama, ‘Zona had just proposed to her Callie before the catastrophic crash.) In the most touching, tear-soaked performance of the highly emotionally-charged hour of the musical episode, out-of-body Callie comforts her lover with their song, “Universe & U.”

After making her recovery, Dr. Torres accepts her boo’s proposal and the two headed down the aisle in lovely traditional white dresses, complete with veils. And while it wasn’t a picture perfect white wedding thanks to Callie’s homophobic Mom, it was probably the greatest TV lesbian wedding yet.


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Pretty Little Liars’ Emily Gets The Girl

Emily (Shay Mitchell) has it pretty hard; avoiding the menacing threats of “A” while living under the burden of so many deep dark secrets. But, after the raven-haired beauty came to terms with her homosexuality in the first two seasons, it was time for the high school swimmer to start practicing her breaststroke! Lady killer Emily had three love interests in 2011! And her mom, played by the amazing Nia Peeples, came to terms with Emily's being gay - so that was a major plus to see her mom come around. 

The Good Wife’s Kalinda Keeps Surprising Us

When we are able to peel our eyes away from The Good Wife's luscious lead, Julianna Margulies, they are immediately glued to her costar, Emmy winner Archie Panjabi, a powerhouse performer in her own right. As the slick bisexual private detective Kalinda, sex appeal is probably the only thing Panjabi serves up more often than secrets. Last season, in the spring of 2011, rival investigator and married lady Sophia Russo (SVU's Kelli Giddish) romped with Kalinda between the sheets before revealing she was married. Kalinda, who'd just burned her friend Alicia, had a revelatory moment and turned Sophia down for another go at it. Still, their tryst was smokin' hot for primetime.

Here's a link to the video on TV Line, with a few screen grabs below! 




We’ll be watching for more great lesbian and bisexual women on television in 2012.

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