Archie Panjabi on Kalinda's Relationships with Alicia and Lana

Archie Panjabi on Kalinda's Relationships with Alicia and Lana
Tracy E. Gilchrist

The Good Wife is a wrap for another season with Sunday’s shocker of an episode, but before it aired TV Guide got to chat with Archie Panjabi about all things Kalinda last week, including Kalinda’s relationship with Special Agent Lana Delaney (Jill Flint).

Last week Kalinda, the bisexual investigator extraordinaire, and Lana enjoyed a pretty hot and heavy moment together that The Good Wife show runners Robert and Michelle King have dubbed the “genital manipulation” shot. 

In her interview with TV Guide Panjabi touched on the sexy scene saying, “That was interesting, wasn't it? I occasionally re-read scenes and then suddenly I'm not sure if the audience has the same reaction. Suddenly there will be a scene with Kalinda where you just did a double take because you know she is doing something dangerous or unconventional or something that is going to get people to talk.”

She went on to discuss the fact that the very buttoned-up Kalinda actually displayed vulnerability with Lana.

One person we least expect to see it is in front of Lana Delaney because there's always this sexual chemistry between the two of them, and suddenly you see them in a very different light,” Panjabi said.  “What I did like about the scene is that you also get to see Lana Delaney in a different light. You realize that there is something quite special between these two women. It's not purely sexual, though whether there continues to be something special after this, who knows.”

Panjabi also touche on what, for some, is really the central relationship of The Good Wife – the relationship between Kalinda and Alicia (Julianna Margulies).

Regarding Alicia and Kalinda mending fences a bit in last week’s episode Panjabi said, “People just love that friendship so much. I've always known it tested well in the pilot. But when you actually hear people from different backgrounds and different countries rave on about it, you really realize just how much people love that bond.”

Check out the interview on TV Guide for more with Panjabi. 

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