'MADE: Dream Bigger' Features Lesbian Becoming a Derby Girl

'MADE: Dream Bigger' Features Lesbian Becoming a Derby Girl

MTV’s reality series MADE transformed high school students into whatever they wanted to be – from football stars to student body presidents – in just a few weeks. MADE: Dream Bigger continues to follow personal transformations with the help of experts in each field, but the focus is on college students, recent college grads, and young adults who are trying to make it in the real world.

In this week’s episode, Roller Derby, Aly Mustain tries to become a Derby girl – not an easy task. Derby girls are tough, smart and quick on their feet. Derby is a hardcore activity, as participants have to fend off hits and blocks from the other team while figuring out the opposition’s next move and how to score.

Aly, a 20-year-old Starbucks employee, dropped out of college and lives at home with her mom. Aly and her mother used to be close, but her mom is not too happy that her daughter has quit school, has tattoos, is a lesbian and is now joining the roller derby.

Here is a clip of Aly on MADE: Dream Bigger

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