Zoe Saldana Might 'End Up With A Woman'

Zoe Saldana Might 'End Up With A Woman'
Sunnivie Brydum

Actor Zoe Saldana has often identified as a "natural tomboy," but in a new interview with Allure, the Star Trek: Into Darkness star says that her androgyny means she could fall in love with a woman. 

"I might end up with a woman," Saldana told Allure. "Raising my children… That's how androgynous I am." 

Of course, an androgynous presentation or gender identity doesn't imply anything one way or another about a person's sexual orientation, but this appears to be the first time Saldana has hinted at queer leanings, according to Madame Noire, which posted the eye-catching image and pullquote below.

We're also left to wonder what  was truncated in that quote. Did Saldana just include a "like" or "y'know?" Or was there something perhaps more substantive that might have offered a further peek into the actor's thought process? 

For now, we'll just appreciate Saldana's killer smile and gorgeous curves — and maybe fantasize a little about just how gay the stunning star might be, and whether we could help her discover the wonderful world of loving ladies.  

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