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'FlashForward' Added to Primetime Shows with Lesbian Plots

'FlashForward' Added to Primetime Shows with Lesbian Plots

Primetime gay for pay lesbians move over, you’ve got company: ABC’s rookie dramaFlashForward just joined the ranks of network shows with lesbian story lines.

Primetime gay for pay lesbians move over, you’ve got company: ABC’s rookie drama FlashForward just joined the ranks of network shows with lesbian story lines.

In “Gimmie Some Truth,” the fifth episode of the drama that revolves around the quest to find out what led the entire world to simultaneously black out for 2 minutes and 17 seconds, Janis Hawk (Christine Woods) — whose flash forward to April 29, 2010, shows the FBI agent who never wanted children pregnant — comes out during a date with a very hot chef named Maya (Navi Rawat, Numbers).

There was a hint of the kiss in the Sept. 24 preview of what was to come after the drama’s premiere, but blink around the 2:38 mark, and you’ll miss it:

And in Episode 3, “137 Sekunden,” an imprisoned Nazi questions Janis’ sexuality based on a thumb ring:


In Thursday’s episode, however, it was all systems go for Agent Hawk, who is part of the Los Angeles FBI team investigating the blackouts through what the agency has dubbed the Mosaic project.

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During a date with Maya, whom she meets in her karate class — after being hit on by a guy, no less — Agent Hawk confesses to not being out since she works for the federal government and plants one Maya in the middle of the restaurant. As the two discussed their flash forwards —Maya saw that she was married, so perhaps gay marriage will be legal in six months? — the hot factor definitely went up and one couldn’t help but think of the stereotypical lesbian U-haul jokes as their conversation was already moving quite quickly.

Cut to their next scene, and presto. It’s the next morning, Hawk is making breakfast and Maya comes out from the agent’s bedroom to take over cooking duties. As Hawk departs for another fun day in the closet, the banter is again very U-haul — with another smooch just for the ladies.

Later in the episode, when Maya confesses to looking up what her date entered into the public Mosaic database where everyone submits what they saw in their flash forwards, Janis gets cold feet and breaks it off. A total whirlwind romance. And a major bummer considering how the episode ends on a very will-she-or-won’t-she cliffhanger.

So there you have it. Another lesbian on primetime network TV. Who knows what the writers have in store, but if IMDb offers any hint, it won’t be more of Rawat, as the actress is listed as appearing in only one episode: “Gimmie Some Truth.”

Episodes of FlashForward, which airs at 8 p.m. Thursdays on ABC, can be found on as well as on

Find Flash Forward on Hulu.

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