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Did Billie Eilish Just Come Out? Here's Why Fans Think So

Did Billie Eilish Just Come Out? Here's Why Fans Think So

"if you say you straight after this ISTG."


Billie Eilish, 19-year-old Grammy-Award-winner and pop music phenomenon, shared an Instagram photo that has sent her fans into a frenzy. 

Following the release of her music video for "Lost Cause" where she throws an all-girl slumber party, the presumably straight Eilish posted a carousel of photos from the set today with the caption, "i love girls."

You can almost hear the gay screams in the comments, many of them in all-caps. "DID YOU JUST ……" wrote one. "if you say you straight after this ISTG," wrote another, followed by a crying face emoji. There are many other comments with upwards of 35,000 likes expressing similar sentiments like "BESTIE IS THIS A COMING OUT POST" and "DURING PRIDE MONTH ????"

So is Elish actually coming out? 

That's... unclear. Eilish is notoriously private when it comes to her dating life. Many fans didn't even know she was dating her ex-boyfriend until the release of her Apple TV documentary The World's A Little Blurry. Her latest song "Lost Cause" is clearly about Brandon Quentin Adams, essentially describing him as a deadbeat, but it's interesting that she surrounds herself with girls in a very sensual manner in the music video. And it is Pride Month....

Eilish has previously been scrutinized for queerbaiting in a song from her last album title "Wish You Were Gay," but later apologized to the LGBTQ+ community and has proven her allyship. 

Perhaps there's more to the story? That's up to Eilish to reveal on her own time. In the meantime, we'll patiently await her sophomore album!

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