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JoJo Siwa & Candace Cameron Bure Feud Explained

JoJo Siwa & Candace Cameron Bure Feud Explained

The rivalry we never saw coming.


One of the unlikeliest celebrity feuds just got started this week.

Over the weekend, JoJo Siwa shared a TikTok video revealing the “rudest,” “nicest,” and “coolest” celebrities she’s ever met.

Aside from naming Elton John as the “coolest” and Miley Cyrus as the “nicest,” Siwa’s video really stood out for which celebrity she picked as the “rudest”: Candance Cameron Bure, who’s best known for starring on Full House, the Fuller House reboot, and numerous Hallmark Channel movies.

You can watch Siwa’s full TikTok below.

On Monday, July 25, Bure seemingly reacted to the news of Siwa’s TikTok video calling her the “rudest celebrity” she’s ever met. The Hallmark Channel star shared a Bible verse via Instagram Story that read, “Trust The Lord always.” Since this was shared as an Instagram Story, the post is no longer on Bure’s profile.

In the meantime, several media outlets noted that Siwa and Bure actually appeared together during an episode of The Kelly Clarkson Show in 2019. On the show, Siwa and Bure were nothing but friendly to each other, and Siwa even gifted Bure a Christmas bow. Alas, according to the reports, this talk show appearance happened before their “rude” interaction took place.

After watching Siwa and Bure on The Kelly Clarkson Show, it seems like something else happened between these two celebs at a later date. Otherwise, Siwa was already thrown off by Bure during that interview but played along for the sake of television.

One potential area that could’ve caused some tension between them is that Siwa came out as queer in January 2021, whereas Bure has always been a devout and outspoken Christian woman. Many fans on social media are speculating that Siwa’s queerness and Bure’s spirituality might have been a reason for this fallout – but only Siwa would be able to confirm or deny this.

For the time being, though, it looks like Siwa is choosing to leave this discourse as is.

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