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Sasha Colby Confesses To Peeing On The Main Stage — Literally

Sasha Colby Confesses To Peeing On The Main Stage — Literally

Sasha Colby
Courtesy of MTV

The Drag Race Season 15 star made a hilarious confession.


That Sasha Colby is in the final four of RuPaul’s Drag Race season 15 is no accident — although she did have a little one on the main stage along the way.

Not only is Sasha stunning and talented, but she’s also unbelievably charming in part because she doesn’t take herself too seriously. That’s why it’s not really a surprise that she was willing to open up and reveal that she literally peed on the main stage during an episode of Drag Race.

The Miss Continental winner opened up about how it all went down on an episode of Entertainment Weekly’s Quick Drag podcast. Host Joey Nolfi went into investigation mode during the episode, asking Sasha about why she watched Spice and Salina EsTitties lip sync in episode nine with one leg up on the stage. Both Luxx Noir London and Malaysia Babydoll Foxx teased that there was a reason for the pose.

Drag Race episode 9 lip sync

Courtesy of MTV

“They actually said it the next episode,” Sasha began. “I won, right, and Luxx goes, ‘Girl, you peed on that stage tonight,’ and that’s why I said, ‘Why don’t you soak some of this up so you can get another win?’ Because I could not hold my pee in, and I was like, I’m going to have to pee!”

“We were waiting and there was a moment — and it was just like tape under that skirt — so like literally holding it for dear life,” she continued, adding it was Luxx who spotted the evidence. “I think Luxx was behind me when we were doing our walk-off. She was like, ‘There’s a little wet spot,’ and I was like, ‘I know, I’m very well aware.’ She definitely called me out on the next episode after that!”

As always, Sasha is taking the moment in stride. “I am now in the Hall of Fame of girls who’ve peed on stage. It’s like me, Eureka, and I think they said Jaida did it too,” she dished. “[We’re] successful queens just, like, christening the stage,” said Sasha. “Holy water!”

This is yet another example of why Sasha is so iconic.

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