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Fashion Spotlight: San Francisco Tomboys

Fashion Spotlight: San Francisco Tomboys

Fashion Spotlight: San Francisco Tomboys

Refinery29 giving us a peek of Tomboy Streetwear

Hey Tomboys,

I am loving all of the collaborations Refinery29 has got goin' on with Tomboy love. Did you catch that they went out into S.F. and found all the Tomboys they could randomly find within a 7x7 square mile radius to photograph for us? This in addition to their collaboration with artist Amber Ibarreche this summer has me totally loving where their boots are strapped.

I'm also interested in the entire "Tomboy" movement as it exists in fashion, and how that label is assigned. Take a look through the photos Refinery29 captured and see the variation for yourself. The commonalities I notice are jeans that sit low at the waist, plaid and patterned shirt or tie, hipster glasses... trucker hat optional. I've also noticed that a signature Tomboy look is a chick that isn't afraid to play with angles and clean lines. Thanks Refinery 29 for the peek into S.F. Tomboy Street Style!

Photo Credit: Refinery29 Shoots, "Tomboy Street Style."

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Lianna Carrera is a stand-up comedian and comedy writer living in Los Angeles, CA. This space is what happens when a comedian runs a fashion blog. Meet our newest Tomboy fashion blogger, here.


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