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Sam Smith Goes All-In For A Steamy Swim On Their Latest Thirst Trap

Sam Smith Goes All-In For A Steamy Swim On Their Latest Thirst Trap

Sam Smith

The singer has been sharing a lot of thirst traps on social media.


Sam Smith is taking it all off as of late, and we’re not complaining!

The “Unholy” singer has been quite naughty in recent months when it comes to showing more skin on their performances, music videos, and social media pictures. It is no secret that Smith struggled with coming to terms with their sexuality and gender identity over the years, so this comes as a sign that they’re feeling more confident and comfortable than ever.

In one of their latest posts, Smith shared an Instagram carousel containing two photos. In the first picture, Smith seems to be naked while swimming in a river. The singer is either completely nude or wearing some very light underwear – creating the impression that they’ve bared all for this immersion in nature.

In the second pic, Smith is back to wearing clothes as they wear a button-down shirt and black shorts while standing on top of a rock. They captioned the Instagram post with a rock emoji.

Though some people might be surprised that Smith is now showing more skin than ever, this has actually been an ongoing trend with the singer throughout 2022 and into 2023.

On Instagram, Smith has shared quite a few pictures showing off his body as of late. And we love to see it!

All things considered, Smith is feeling happy, confident, powerful, and inspired to share different parts of their personality with fans. They’ve come a long way from the “Stay With Me” and “I’m Not The Only One” singer we once knew… and for very good reasons!

Sam Smith’s Gloria is scheduled for a January 27 release on all music streaming platforms.

Who is Sam Smith's partner?

Sam Smith doesn't have a current partner as far as public knowledge.

Is Sam Smith deaf?

As an adult, Sam Smith was diagnosed as deaf/hard of hearing.

Does Sam Smith have children?

Sam Smith still doesn't have children but has expressed their desire to start a family.

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