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New Anthology Patterns Offers A Steamy, Hilarious Look Into Our Lives & Loves

New Anthology 'Patterns' Offers A Steamy Look Into Our Lives & Loves

Patterns stills
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The show's director, Rex Glensy, said the show is influenced by the circles we navigate in our lives

Rugby legend and LGBTQ+ community icon Ben Cohen has stepped into the acting realm with his debut in the British anthology series Patterns.

In this innovative series, Cohen portrays a unique role as a living poster version of himself, offering guidance to a closeted teenager who admires him. The show's concept revolves around eccentric characters who traverse through eight distinct episodes, each belonging to a different genre and all centered around LGBTQ+ themes.

The diversity of comedic styles is remarkable, ranging from slapstick humor and traditional TV sitcom antics to the quintessentially British art of pantomime.

In an interview with Dekkoo, the show's director, Rex Glensy, shed light on its underlying inspiration: the distinct circles we all navigate in our lives, such as family, work, and social groups. These circles influence our behavior and interactions, forming the basis of Patterns.

Glensy elucidates that each episode represents these social spheres, allowing viewers to observe how characters adapt to different contexts. The series ingeniously weaves recurring characters into various storylines, creating layers of comedy and adding depth to the narrative, regardless of the viewing order.

Among the tales woven into Patterns, there's the story of the closeted teen who interacts with the animated Cohen poster, a "reverse catfish" scenario, conspiracy theories, unexpected pizza deliveryman romances, sibling rivalries, reality TV drama, and a captivating scene featuring a man lifting weights while a woman ominously plays the organ.

Patterns is currently available to stream on the gay streaming platform Dekkoo as well as Vimeo. Check out the trailer for the show below

Stream 'Patterns' now on Dekkoo: About 'Patterns': There’s something for everyone in this charming and refreshingly sex-positive new anthology...

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