A Day in Gay America: The Women - Photos

A Day in Gay America: The Women - Photos

SheWired's sibling publication The Advocate held its annual 'A Day in Gay America' on Nov. 9., and received hundreds of submissions from regular folks --and a few celebrities--who just happen to be LGBT Americans. And we have a round-up of many of the out women who participated.  View all photos in various categories from A Day in Gay America here

A Day in the Life at Work:

7:45 a.m., Elko, Nev.: Tanya Hall and her partner get ready for their cardiac cath procedure for the day.

10:17 a.m., Menomonie, Wis.: Dr. Erin Hall-Rhoades, family physician and medical director of Student Health Services, writes a prescription for a student at the University of Wisconsin-Stout. Photo taken by her wife, Dr. Alexandra Hall, who also works at the clinic. Together they have worked a combined 12 years in the field of college health.

12:10 p.m., Pittsburgh: Heather Storm works the mike.

1:11 p.m., San Francisco: The Olivia Travel team hanging out at their map. Photo via Tisha Floratos.

2:40 p.m., Lafayette, Colo.: Sarah Fry says it's just another day in the office, filled with paperwork and copious amounts of coffee.


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3:28 p.m., Boston: Jennifer Lawrence is a licensed social worker at a hospital in Boston. "I work with kids and adults impacted by community violence," she says. "This picture is taken with some of the games and toys I use to engage the kids in helping them identify and express their emotions. I work to create a safe and fun space for them to work through their trauma and process their feelings. The work these families do here is going to change the world and bring an end to community violence."

5:50 p.m., Bronx, N.Y.: Daril Jimenez is a paramedic for the Fire Department of New York and says she loves saving lives and making a difference. Here she enjoys 50-degree weather with no jacket.

7:50 p.m., San Francisco: Chef Josie Malave in the kitchen at the Parkside.

A Day Without ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’

For the first time, men and women in the military can openly share their photographs as part of our "A Day in Gay America" project.

9:15 a.m., Fairfield Calif.: "Female pilots rarely get to fly together, and I had the chance to fly with one of my best friends, Liz," said Julie Honeycutt, pictured on the right. "We have known each other since being stationed together in Germany and now at Travis Air Force Base in Northern California. Liz was the first person I worked with that I told I was gay, and I appreciated how it was a nonissue to her and had no effect on our great friendship. Life in the military is getting better now that DADT has been removed."

8:48 p.m., Pensacola, Fla.: Jamie Nunez's wife and friends dance to "YMCA" during a Pensacola Ice Flyers hockey game on military appreciation night.


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A Day in the Life of New Moms

Photographer Gen Levy documented a day in the life of Nikki Weiss; her wife, Jill Goldstein; and their newborn, Adler. Weiss, who represents some of the top filmmakers and other artists in the country (including Barry Levinson, David O. Russell, Oliver Stone, and Trent Reznor) and Goldstein (a scriptwriter and fitness expert for Curve magazine) met at summer camp in 1984. After a lot of twists and turns, the two reunited decades later and are now married with a baby. Nikki and Jill, who were featured on Showtime's The Real L Word, have been called the most stable lesbian couple to appear on TV. And in these photos their day probably looks familiar to a lot of straight couples who've had babies.

9 a.m.: Nikki tries working with baby in hand.

10:15 a.m.: The moms, staring in adoration as baby naps.

1:15 p.m.: Mom and Adler each have their own seat.

2:27 p.m.: Mom tries to get Adler into literature. It helps him fall asleep.

7:30 p.m.: Finally, a chance to rest. Well, at least until the next feeding. Or diaper.


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A Day in the Life of LGBT Families: 

1 p.m.: Kuna, Idaho: "My wife, youngest son, and me — Michelle Forsmo — playing in the leaves in the front yard."


3:20 p.m., Caldwell Woods, Ill.: Beckett, Baba, Charlotte, and Mama (Boyd Bellinger) out for a stroll on this surprisingly mild Chicago day at the Cook County Forest Preserve.


4:10 p.m., Fullerton, Calif.: This picture was taken at the end of a long day at the horse arena. Jan ran the family's horse, Sugar, in barrel races while cheered on by her partner, Beth Syverson, and their son, Joey. "This would be a family portrait except we're missing a few more animals," Jan said, noting they have three more horses, one more dog, two cats, and 12 chickens.



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4:30 p.m., Seattle: Melissa Downs, partner Louise, and son Diego take a family photo before meeting some friends for dinner.


7:11 p.m., San Francisco: Jackie Strano, COO of Good Vibrations, her wife, writer Shar Rednour, and their kids gather around the dinner table.


Assorted A Day in the Life... 

4 a.m., Keuka Park, N.Y.: "My girlfriend and I decided to pull an all-nighter one night to get caught up on some work we had in our classes. By the time 4 a.m. rolled around, we started getting a little silly and giggly, and took a bunch of pictures together to capture the fun time we were having." — Frankie Venturo


9:15 a.m., Las Vegas: Sheila W. Frances tells us, "I am sitting at my table/desk browsing through Facebook and YouTube. About an hour ago, I got up, showered, made my bed, and ate a bowl of cereal. No, I have not done my morning dishes nor last night's dishes. I will do that soon. Shortly, I will talk to a friend or two on the phone. Probably make plans to go again to see Cloud Atlas. We saw it last week and were overwhelmed, deciding we needed to see it again and process it together afterwards. Later today, two of my youngest granddaughters will come over to stay the night with me. We will watch Avatar: The Last Airbender animation. We probably will watch the new Tinker Bell movie streaming online. We will laugh and talk about what we watched. And, as always, have snacks!"


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9:58 a.m., Nashville: Stephen Loveless sent this image of a typical LGBTQI Life morning with staff and students enjoying coffee and chatting at the K.C. Potter center at Vanderbilt University.


10:17 a.m., Menomonie, Wis.: Dr. Erin Hall-Rhoades, family physician and medical director of Student Health Services, writes a prescription for a student at the University of Wisconsin-Stout. Photo taken by her wife, Dr. Alexandra Hall, who also works at the clinic. Together they have worked a combined 12 years in the field of college health.


10:55 a.m., Los Angeles: Michelle Bonilla on a telephone conference in her car. "I’m always on the go. So sometimes my best meetings happen when I pull over. LOL!"


11:15 a.m.: Los Angeles: Katie Simms tells us, "I work as a midwife at UCLA, where I care for women during their pregnancies, as well as during their labor and birth. It's an incredibly rewarding job; I spend my days in the only part of the hospital where patients are happy and healthy. My beautiful, strong cousin, Laura, has been battling leukemia for nearly eight months and has been receiving amazing care here at UCLA. She has been in and out of the hospital in that time, and despite the horrible disease that is cancer, we have grown very close and have spent a lot of downtime together when I have slow days at work. It has been a blessing to get to spend this time with her and to watch her as she continues to win her battle. Contrary to popular belief, hospitals are inspiring places of health, healing, and family."


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12:30 p.m., Dallas, Ga: Haley Hicks is having a tooth cut out today. "My awesome girlfriend held my hand the whole time."


2:05 p.m., York, Pa.: Amanda Redwine is celebrating accepting a job with a company that offers domestic-partner insurance.


2:35 p.m., Northern Michigan: Musician Natalia Zukerman teaches at a songwriting retreat.


3:16 p.m., New York City: Shilletha Curtis and her girlfriend sitting in the Egyptian section of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, cracking up.


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5:17 p.m., New York City: Judy Evans sends us this picture of the lending library at the SAGE Center, the country's first full-time LGBT senior center.


7:09 p.m., Placentia, Calif: Tiffany Florendo-Salinas says that when her wife gets excited she gets hyper and tends to bite her face. "I always reply with 'Why you bite me for?' She never has an answer.


7:30 p.m., Honolulu, Hawaii: Amanda Clifford with her pregnant partner and their 2-year-old, Tallulah.


8 p.m., Vidnoje, Russia: Seimone Augustus with her Russian team.


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8:18 p.m., Oklahoma City, Okla.: Bass player Vero Sanchez applies makeup in the van before the Hunter Valentine concert. Photo by Kiyomi.


8:56 p.m., San Francisco: Mariah Hanson (founder and producer of Club Skirts Dinah Shore Weekend) at dinner with friends. From left: Christine Tanaka, Briana Stockton, Mariah Hanson, Teresa Sabella, Crystal Dykstra, and Tiffany Bush.


9:30 p.m., New York City: Destiny DeJesus (left) with her girlfriend of two years, Alicia, having fun at Hookah bar in SoHo.


9:35 p.m., Seattle: "My friend Molly and I cooked dinner for our dear friend Frances. She is 93 years old and was ecstatic that Obama won. She told us a story of how she tried to vote in the early '40s in her home town of Shreveport, La. She was not allowed because she didn't own land. For her to experience denial at the voting booth to seeing President Obama being elected a second time was amazing for her. She has seen and experienced much change in this country. She is also a supporter of gay marriage, which passed in Washington State (as well as Maine and Maryland). Who says our older citizens aren't progressive? —Sarah Nell Reynolds


9:40 p.m., Columbia, S.C.: Kelsey Jarrett tells us, "At the University of South Carolina, we have a group of undergraduate students through the Office of Multicultural Student Affairs who give presentations to our University 101 classes. These classes are comprised of first semester freshman students, and the peer advocates lead a discussion about terminology, myths and general experiences of LGBTQ students in the hopes of creating a more inclusive community here at the University of South Carolina."


11:10 p.m., San Antonio,: Lauren Bedford Russell and Kiyomi McCloskey (The Real L Word) in the green room after the show.

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