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15 Thoughts This Lesbian Bride Had While Trying on Dresses

15 Thoughts This Lesbian Bride Had While Trying on Dresses

15 Thoughts This Lesbian Bride Had While Trying on Dresses

When a lesbian buying a gown has thoughts just like everyone else...

When thinking of my dream wedding many things come to mind, my bride, the cake, the venue, the incessant amount of pink and of course, the dress. Even though there will be two brides at my wedding, there won’t be two dresses, once that decision was made everything else was pretty much the same as if I had a groom. It doesn’t particularly matter if you are marrying a man or a woman when it comes to what you want to wear to your wedding. After all, love is love and I hear when you find your wedding dress it’s similar to falling in love.

This ritual is filled with lots of traditions, the spouse-to-be isn't suppose to see the bride in her gown, it must be white and apparently you need to cry when you see it. But since I am a non-traditional bride, I may break a few of the rules. Here were my thoughts while trying on dresses at one of the most prestigious wedding dress shops in the world ... where many people say 'yes to the dress.'

15. Who is going to put this dress on me on my actual wedding day? 


14. Why all the strapless? Has anyone had a winter wedding before? 


13. Umm I'm not going to fit into that! 


12. It's pretty...but not THE dress. 


11. There is no way I can pee in this dress!


10. How am I going to walk in that?! 



9. Am I going to be able to eat in this dress???


8. What will my bride think of this dress?



7. Who decided a bridal dress needs to be white anyway?


6. What the hell is the difference between ivory, white and cream?! 


5. How many zeros are on that price tag? 


4. I'm going to need triple Spanx for this dress! 


3. I look like a cupcake. Maybe that's a good thing? 


2. OMG, I look so sparkly! 


1. It's perfect! 

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