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A Gift Guide for Mean Girls Fans Who Can't Afford Regina George's Mansion

A Gift Guide for Mean Girls Fans Who Can't Afford Regina George's Mansion


Yesterday, news broke out that the Toronto mansion best known for being the famous home of the George family in the cult-classic Mean Girls went on the market for a whopping $14.8 million.

For the Mean Girls fangirls on a budget, here are other (more affordable) memorabilia you can buy that will still make you the best stan in town.

Damien’s Pink Shirt

How too-gay-to-function would you look in this fabulously oversized polo?  Buy a smiliar shirt at Lacoste or Ralph Lauren. Just make sure you don’t lend it to people who you know you can’t trust.

The Fertility Vase of the Ndebele Tribe

Literally the most perfect accessory to add to any home’s decor. Get a cheap yet chic vase at One Kings Lane.

The Burn Book

Got something you want to get off your chest but don’t want to say it out loud? WRITE IT IN THE BOOK. Etsy has some really cute (and really cheap) pink journals for you to spill all your shady tea on.

Glen Coco’s Candy Canes

When the question is Glen Coco's candy canes, the answer is always yes. Luckily enough, stores like Target and Walmart sell candy canes at near rock-bottom prices during the holidays, and if you absolutely have to have them now, candy companies like Spangler sell them all year round for decent prices.

Ms. Norbury’s Button Vest

You can't bartend at PJ Calamity's without the proper attire. Get a better, and much cuter, green vest at any one of your fave retail stores (like this one from Lucky Brand), and add whatever buttons you want!

Kevin Gnapoor’s Business Card

You have to have proof you're the smartest AND baddest around, like Kevin G himself, and with customizable and super cheap business cards from Vistaprint, you'll definitely get that message across.

Mrs. George’s Pink Tracksuit

Who cares if tracksuits went out of style shortly after the release of this movie? Purchasing this affordable sweatshirt/sweatpant combo from Victoria's Secret would make you the coolest ever! 

A Mathlete Jacket

Tryna look kick-ass when you roll-into Spring Fling, right? Well then a Mathlete varisty jacket is the statement piece of choice! Luckily, Forever 21 has some.

A Plastic Spring Fling Queen Tiara

Everyone should feel like a Queen during the Spring Fling dance! For less than a dollar at Party City, this goal can be easily achieved! You get a piece of tiara! You get a piece of Tiara! You get a piece of tiara!

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