The #OscarNoms Snubbed Armie Hammer & Twitter Is Losing It

Brendan Haley

At long last, the 2018 Oscar nominations have been released! While there is much in film and artistry from the past year to rejoice over, there is one glaring problem that has been lighting the Twittersphere ablaze since the early hours of Tuesday morning.

No no, we're not talking about the nomination of The Boss Baby for Best Animated Picture *shudders and slowly dies inside*. We're talking about the controversial snub of Armie Hammer for his role as Oliver in the acclaimed, queer-themed film Call Me by Your Name (which has snagged 3 nominations in total).

Hammer's fanbase, along with gay Twitter, are practically livid at this news, storming all the related hashtags in protest. (And to be honest, some of them are kind of funny.)







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