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5 Reasons We're 'Confident' We Love Demi Lovato's Killer New Music Video

5 Reasons We're 'Confident' We Love Demi Lovato's Killer New Music Video

5 Reasons We're 'Confident' We Love Demi Lovato's Killer New Music Video

Come for the catchy tune, stay for Michelle Rodriguez's badass co-starring appearence.


Upon listening to Demi Lovato's new single, "Confident," you may not naturally envision a narrative involving Demi and Michelle Rodriguez battling it out in an epic fight in the video from bad boy director Robert Rodriguez (Machete, Planet Terror). Well, you're in luck if that sounded awesome to you, because that's exactly what's going on in the music video for this completely catchy, rockin' ode to taking control. When Demi, who's been taken prisoner by the US Government, learns she'll be pardoned if she takes out a wanted fugitive (Michelle Rodriguez), what ensues are a lot of high-energy fight scenes and even more Demi vs. Michelle action that we didn't now we needed until we didn't ever want it to stop. Here are 5 reasons "Confident" is officially one of our favorite music videos, and why you probably need to watch it right now, but first, here's why we love it. 


5. Demi's rugged prisoner / assassin on a mission look is really working for her.

How much does she care that she just got branded by an iron? Not at all. Not a care in the world other than her mission.


4. We get a surprise Michelle Rodriguez, and what more could we want, really?

For those of us who didn't know Michelle was in the video, it was a beautiful and welcome surprise. At this point we already knew we liked what we were seeing, but from this moment on it started to rise in the ranks to become a potential all-time top favorite.



3. Demi knows how to take a backstabber down.

Mess with Demi and you don't stand a chance, not with these fighting skills and the rad-tastic anthem that is "Confident" blaring in the background. Demi's action-star skills are absolutely on point, and she seems unstoppable. That is, until she is stopped...


2. Demi / Michelle make masterful nemeses.  

At this point, not only do we love the song but we're all about this "Who can we trust???" plotline. Demi seems like she's going to take everyone down, but she's no match for Michelle. Or is she?


(Spoilers lurk ahead!)



1. That conclusion though.

Sure, things got rough, but now that all those issues are resolved Demichelle is a pair we'd love to see in more than a music video. We'll take a movie. We'll take a trilogy. We'll take it all.


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