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Exclusive: Lagoona Bloo Drops 'Hands,' a Touching Music Video

Exclusive: Lagoona Bloo Drops 'Hands,' a Touching Music Video

The drag performer and singer has a new hit on her hands.


Lagoona Bloo has a touching new single.

The drag performer and Nailed It! star has released "Hands," a music video that showcases her vocal talents.

Performing against a white backdrop with flawless makeup, Bloo bares her soul with lyrics like, "I was missing your touch," addressed to a possible flame. Directed by Austin Nunes, the video tells the journey of a relationship and longing.

“'Hands’ is about that person that you are crazy about and wish you could get a little physical with,” Lagoona Bloo said in a press release.  “It’s about wanting to be wanted, desired, and touched! Like, don’t tell me you like me. Say it with your hands because I want to feel it.”

“I’m an incredibly affectionate person and as a drag queen, I am always giving my touch away,” Bloo added.  “Whether it’s posing for pictures, hugging people, or giving a double air kiss.  Even accepting dollars while on stage in a performance involves some level of intimacy. In a relationship, I need someone who can return the affection that I give! I crave sensuality and touch is very important to me.”

With over 44,000 followers on Instagram, Bloo is an influencer in her own right. But her visibility reached a new high Friday when she appeared on the Netflix reality competition with her baking partner, Selma Nilla. The drag performers won $10,000 for creating a roller coaster cake.

In addition to being a talented baker, Bloo is also an actor, dancer, singer, hairstylist, and makeup artist. She is self-described as "NYC’s Mermaid Pop Star." Bloo is a member of the drag group, Stephanie's Child, along with Drag Race stars Jan Sport and Rosé. Previously, the trio appeared on The Voice and America's Got Talent.

"Hands" is the second release from Bloo's upcoming solo EP, AQUA, out March 30. Watch the music video for "Hands," premiering exclusively with PRIDE, below, and stream it on Spotify and Apple Music. Learn more at

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