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NYTimes Continues Its Attack On The Trans Community

NYTimes Continues Its Attack On The Trans Community

NYTimes Transgender

NYTimes Attacks the Trans Community

Is the "Gray Lady" a TERF?

A new editorial from a cisgender person at The New York Times has attacked the trans community, again. Read it here, but be warned that it is transphobic.

“.@NYTimes is excellent at conveying the anti-trans perspective. Thanks to The NY Times, I feel fairly up on it. But what about the perspective of people who are trans? It’s completely invisible to me from this newspaper. Is that intentional? Because it’s odd.”

“Exactly this! As the Right is escalating its demonization of one of society’s most vulnerable groups, much of the mainstream elite punditry treats trans people like a sinister cabal with hegemonic influence in desperate need of critical scrutiny. Frankly, it’s disgusting.”

“This suggests NYT writers and editorial staff are either completely ignorant of the conditions faced by the people they're covering or willingly complicit in erasing our experience and treating us like a danger to others. An utter lack of trans voices in the NYT suggests both.”

“I see Pamela Paul is once again using her NYT platform to complain about trans people. "Whaah! Trans people reinforce stereotypes! Let's just reject their existence and celebrate tomboys instead." What unoriginal nonsense.”

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