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'Lost Girl' Recap 4.1 – Somebody that I Used to Bo

'Lost Girl' Recap 4.1 – Somebody that I Used to Bo

How excited are you that Lost Girl is back?

Hey you guys, I'm super excited to be recapping Lost Girl this season.  This show is my favorite guilty pleasure and by that I mean I love it and tell everyone I meet of that love.  That's what guilty pleasure means right?  Lost Girl can be a pretty silly show and it doesn't shy away from the more ridiculous parts of the world they've created.  This makes it all the more moving when it turns serious and suddenly we get moments that are so beautiful, sad or incredibly sweet.  Also it's crazy sexy, so there's that.

SPOILERS if you haven't watched ep. 4.1


Season four opens on a truck driving into a warehouse with a Kenzi stowed away in its undercarriage.  Some shady looking robed guys (apt description of forgettable henchmen everywhere) unload a weathered-looking box.  It looks like a picnic basket I once had so I'm going to make an early call and say there are probably (fae-magical) sandwiches, juice and ants in the box.  Before Kenzi can sit down to a delicious meal she is grabbed and berated for showing her human face in this place of sanctuary.  These guys really dig their picnics.  Dyson and Hale appear but Kenzi starts an adorable firework show with her bare hands to prove she's no human.  The creep who grabbed her is confused but still makes some delightful decorating plans with her skin for the Una Mens.  I guess that's some sort of big bad?  From the name it seems it's just one at least and it's either a man or menstruating, which is just not something I need to see.  Is that the monster you've been waiting for?  Be real with me here guys.

As the team leaves we learn that Kenzi's powers are temporary and enjoy a healthy amount of snark and flirting.  I've missed Kenzi.  If she could be my sassy best friend my life would be complete.  Don't even try to tell me you haven't imagined having her along on your own evil-battling adventures to the post office.

Dyson and Kenzi return to Kenzi's place - wait, didn't somebody else used to live here too? - and she berates the wolf for sniffing when it's clearly just them.  She's aptly filled the space in her house and heart with “business thongs” and then something truly upsetting happens.  I'm not sure I can even talk about it.  You might think I'm referring to Dyson's amazing leather vest which I do have feels about but I can't even right now because they're kissing.  Dyson.  And Kenzi. 

This really creeped me out and I'm not quite sure why.  Is it because they're bros?  I have no love for Dyson and Bo (who?) but this was unsettling.  Dyson immediately makes me feel better by declaring that he was “thinking about Hale” because those two are bros for real.  Thankfully this waking nightmare ends with a knock on the door.

Aife is looking better than last time we saw her but is missing a daughter – someone called Bo who she wants these crack detectives to track down.  After the opening credits monologue that bears so little relevance to the show these days, Aife explains that she has a daughter she can't remember but is sure exists.  She hands Dyson a photo of Bo and he declares “this woman is beautiful” to which Kenzi rebuts “yeah, if you're into like faces and bodies or whatever.”  Oh Kenzi, I can't stay mad at you.  Go ahead and make out with the wolf if you must.

Aife shows the pair a dark spot on the white of her eye that Dyson immediately recognizes as proof that her memory has been messed with and carries a fey name that I will not even consider trying to spell.  At Aife's mention of payment Kenzi's reservations vanish and they take the case.

Dyson's cell phone beeps as happens every day when he goes to look for Tamsin.  I hope we get more of an explanation for this because right now I'm assuming that was just a reminder he set to go off daily until he finds the valkyrie.  I do so hate when I forget to search for people who have both saved my life and driven me off cliffs.  How did he even detect things before smart phones?

Aife and Kenzi don't even pretend to want to spend another moment together and Aife pulls the same trick on the waitress we saw Bo use way back in the first episode.  Kenzi has a flash of succubus junior but quickly shakes the image. 

Remember how the last we saw of Dyson was him in a car falling to his (very unlikely) death?  It's okay if you didn't because he's visiting the site as his phone commanded and having a helpful flashback!

At Trick's sub-Dal lair he explains to Kenzi that the universe is out of whack and she suspects the Una Mens are responsible.  We learn that the Una Mens are “a near omniscient council of fey authority whose sole purpose is to ensure the old laws are followed.”  Thank god.  You guys have no idea how relieved I am about this.  The council of the confusing name are visiting soon because things have become “messy” of late.  I'm sure they'll be a stand up group and not cause any problems for our heroes because these guys have really been pros at upholding the old laws.

Kenzi suggests the Una Mens as the culprits of Aife's memory issues but Trick assures her they would never be that subtle.  Again, they sound like the best.  He does provide the name of a fish fey (because that is a thing) called Dr Snook who eats memories.  I really hope he's related to Kristin Chenoweth's Olive Snook from Pushing Daisies.  It is suddenly the crossover I never knew I needed.  Kenzi uses the doctor opening to question Trick about Lauren but is rewarded with sighs and “she betrayed the light fey.”  The defense Kenzi offers for the doctor's unknown motivations is a little bit adorable “that's because she's awkward and formal and shy.  It's because the love of her life is dead.”  Wait, what?  Oh she means Nadia.  Well played show.

A weirdly hilarious moment where Kenzi accidentally calls Trick “gramps” then freaks out and curtsies ensues, because really, who hasn't been there?

We meet Dr Snook as he feasts on a betrayed wives memories of her cheating husband.  I thought this might be the worst thing about him until he refers to Dyson and Kenzi as “curious carps” then starts referring to himself in the third person.  This guy is the worst.  He does provide some useful information by saying someone has done beautiful work on Dyson and Kenzi.  The characters are understandably shocked - “I could be a Kardashian!” - but mostly I'm a little surprised it took this long.  Because we actually do remember there used to be another person in this show.  Oh well.  Snook explains that somebody more powerful than he is responsible and thankfully we get to leave him.

Back with Trick we learn that to break the memory stealing spell they must retrieve a special compass that was shipwrecked off the shore of Madagascar and is now owned by a collector named Engelrum.  Kenzi is really in the know with fey celebrities these days and recognizes Engelrum as a man who is having a last big party before the Una Mens come to ruin everyone's fun.  She also knows that he keeps his treasures well guarded.  Girl has been studying up as well as lighting sparks in between seasons.  Kenzi goes on a rant about the corrupt fey system and how they feed on humans but I've got to wonder how she is even involved in this world without Bo?  How did she even meet these people?

As Kenzi tries to leave Trick demands she clean out her bag of the items she tried to steal (oh Kenzi) and finds the picture of Bo.  When he picks it up his arm veins go dark and angry and he gets the shakes.  Hopefully that's something mystical because if it's him thinking she's beautiful too we're dealing with a type of horror that I can't deal with unless Jessica Lange is involved.  He asks Kenzi for all the information on her succubus client.

At dark fey headquarters we find Vex putting the devil in The Devil Wears Prada when his designer presents a disappointing outfit for Engelrum's party.  He is taking advantage of the lawlessness he fears will be gone once the parent-like council return.  Dyson busts in and frees the seamstress and some serious teeth-baring and hand waving occurs in lieu of actual magic.  Vex delivers a speech about Evony that brings new meaning to the word insincere and claims she pulled an Elvis and died on the toilet. 

Dyson uses his nose to smell her chilling in a cell and threatens to out Vex to the Una Mens if he doesn't get him into the party.


At Engelrum's shindig Dyson and Hale kindly explain that one lucky lady gets chosen at each party to meet the elusive collector and have a wish granted.  Hale then says he wishes “his lady” would arrive and Dyson looks abashed thus continuing the love triangle that is not a thing.

Kenzi wanders amongst her forest of thongs wondering what to wear so leaves a message for her all-time fashion idol Lauren.  It's actually quite sweet until Massimo busts in with his crossbow to sleazily apply more eau de fireworks to Kenzi and remind her she hasn't paid lately.  She complains that instead of making her fey as promised she is just a “hot human sheep in twinkly fairy clothing” but is forced to concede she still requires the ruse to elude the Una Mens. 

Speaking of ridiculous facades, Dyson and Hale share an awkward moment where they both check out Kenzi from behind in her chic party dress.  Dyson berates her tardiness and doubts her seduction capabilities while Hale openly drools as she drags him to the dance floor.  The L Word and Defiance's Mia Kirshner throws herself at Dyson but he instead hits the  rescues Kenzi from Hale's awkward dancing.  The three of them tango it out and allow former dancer Ksenia Solo to really shine.  Engelrum's selectors agree and Kenzi receives entry to meet the man himself.

What she finds is less a man and more George Takei re-enacting Jafar showing how snake-like he can be.  I really hope she tricks him into becoming a genie.  That works every time.  Or at least every time I rewatch Aladdin. 

Back on the dancefloor Vex appears in an outfit that proves he should have gone with his designer rather than branched out on his own.  He makes some preposterous leaps around in his top hat, Elizabethan collar and heels before demanding the wolf.  

Mia Kirshner is suitably impressed when Dyson wants to fight the new Morrigan before fleeing along with the other guests including my old nemesis Snook. 

Engelrum really puts the sss in sassy as he passes judgment on Kenzi's wish, beauty regime and diet.  He expected Kenzi would wish for “her return” but before she gets an explanation he also identifies her as human and therefore edible. 

Dyson and Vex go head to head as the mesmer reveals he too has had his memory sucked.  He fears his leadership will be lost if their memories return and has no desire to let Kenzi succeed.  Hale joins the fight with his hilariously endearing and surprisingly effective siren song to disable Vex and allow Dyson's escape.  Vex and Hale banter and fight as Vex accurately declares that “we all love Kenzi, hell your alpha male is doing her right now.”  Hale does not love this suggestion and unleashes his dog whistle skill on Vex again.

Kenzi and her shiny spirit fingers run through Engelrum's collection of artifacts, presumably looking for a lamp to trap him in, but mostly just gets cornered with her empty tub of sparkle cream.  Dyson comes to the rescue, complimenting her hair, grabbing a trident and impaling Engelrum's tail on the wall.  Only the tail end appears to have teeth as well.  So does that mean the George Takei end is the tail?  How does this creature's digestive system even work?  If he ate Kenzi what would happen to her?  Should I feel bad for wishing it happened just so I could find out?  I love you Kenz but this is about SCIENCE.

We catch up with Aife on the prowl after a young sailor until Trick catches up with her and the stage is set for a charming father-daughter reunion.  It's likely to end in hugs I imagine.

Kenzi and Dyson attempt to break the mystical compass of mystique but Dyson is unsure he wants his memory back.  Kenzi delivers a beautiful speech about her thongs and her heart that reminds me why I love this show and they agree to set things right.  One flick of the compass and they are re-enacting a Cordelia vision before uttering the word we've all been waiting to hear: “Bo.”

Unfortunately Aife feels differently about this reunion with her memory restored and decides it's more the season for shedding some of that king blood rather than hugs.  She goes full Hulk and chases him with a knife with a “this is for her!”

The memory-restored party gang reunite and after Vex restores himself in our esteem by telling Kenzi he is pleased she wasn't eaten and “I love what you do with your mascara these days” to which she breathlessly and delightfully replies “I do too.”

The team begin to discuss finding who removed the memory of “the one we love most” when Dyson's Valkylert goes off.  Is this supposed to be happening at the same time of day as they met Aife?  Was that not during actual daytime?  Regardless, Dyson reminds Kenzi that Tamsin was the last to see Bo alive and she sends him on his way.

The picnic basket of doom begins to ooze black goop and make growling noises.  It's possible the sandwiches have been in there too long.  The box also develops some suspicious script on its lid and I'm starting to reconsider even attending this luncheon.

There's no time to waste on picnic monsters because this is happening:

That hair.  That shirt.  Amber.  I have no words.  My favorite thing here is the idea that Lauren becomes a sad waitress with terrible hair in a world without Bo.  I realize she's actually on the run from the fey but that was my first thought.  Clearly this girl needs that succubus and that's alright because then this happens:

So how did everyone like this episode?  I felt it wasn't the strongest start to a season but it was great to spend so much time with Kenzi.  This was her episode and Ksenia Solo owned it.  I did feel the lack of Bo, Lauren and Tamsin pretty strongly though and I'm hoping to see more of them soon.  Even with Anna Silk's recent pregnancy we can have the other two back right?  This was a fun time either way and I can't wait for next week's episode.  Thanks for watching with me!

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