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WATCH: Our Top 10 Silly, Sexy, and Hilarious Celebrity ALS Ice Bucket Challenges

WATCH: Our Top 10 Silly, Sexy, and Hilarious Celebrity ALS Ice Bucket Challenges

WATCH: Our Top 10 Silly, Sexy, and Hilarious Celebrity ALS Ice Bucket Challenges

Charity + buckets of water + our favorite celebs? This could very well be our favorite social media craze yet!


The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge may have started as a few friends' random videos that kept popping up on our Facebook feeds, but now the craze has gone viral and suddenly everyone's dumping ice water on their heads for a good cause. At first, many questioned the ethics of a challenge that seemed to imply many would rather dump ice water on their heads than donate to charity, but with the 'dump and donate' mindset kicking in, over $100 million dollars has been raised for the ALS Association within the month (that's a 3,500% increase from this time last year!). Since it started, the challenge has not only raised millions, but also encouraged our favorite celebrities to join in the charitable fun, team up, and go all out in a variety of out-of-the-box ways. Best of all, Just Jared announced that Ellen DeGeneres herself will accept the challenge bestowed on her by Anthony Carbajal, a 26-year-old man with ALS, on the premiere of her show this fall. It's powerful to see social media really make a a difference for the better (not to mention feature some of our favorite celebrities being adorable), and we'd like to celebrate by featuring our favorite ALS Ice Bucket Challenge videos here (and trust us, these are some you will not want to miss). Check them out and click through to donate yourself!

Anthony Carbajal: For most of us, the ALS Ice Bucket challenge has taken five minutes out of our day and a few bucks out of our bank account. For Anthony Carbajal, this challenge is a step towards something that could change his life and the lives of thousands more with ALS. In his video, Anthony certainly has some silly fun getting drenched, but soon things get tearfully serious when he explains that he and several of his family members suffer from ALS. His vulnerable openness sheds a new light on exactly what it is the internet's decided to advocate for (often without even knowing what ALS is) and he's inspired many more to take part, inlcuding Ellen DeGeneres. Anthony is expected to make an appearance on Ellen's season permiere, and we're sure that is one episode you won't want to miss.


Malin Ackerman & Carla Gugino: Zack Snyder had no idea what he was in for when he challenged former Watchmen co-stars Malin Ackerman and Carla Gugino to the Ice Bucket Challenge. Neither did we when we pressed play, so imagine our surprise when the two started their video by making out on a roof top to romantic French music before the ice waterfall came a'pouring. The girls were then too giggly to speak and announced their nominations with cue cards. Why this happened, we have no idea. All we have to say is thank you, Zack Snyder, Malin Ackerman, and Carla Gugino. This was definitely for a good cause.


Dave Grohl: Dave Grohl rarely makes his way onto this site, but we've just got to appreciate a well-planned Carrie reference. In this epically cinematic and somehow flawlessly re-created homage to that famous ill-fated prom scene, Dave meets his icy fate. And while everyone does laugh at him, it's for the best possible reason.


Kristen Stewart: Looks like the crew from Jenny Lewis' "Just One of the Guys" music video still keeps in touch! After getting nominated by Anne Hathaway, Kristen Stewart and some friends, including Nicholas Hoult, take the challenge to the next level (that we don't suggest you try at home!) before her pals dump an additional giant bucket of ice water on her. Kristen goes on to nominate Jenny Lewis and Brie Larson, so there very well could be even more of our favorite music video buds in our future.


Olivia Wilde: As this challenged progressed, many decided to use substances other than water in order to raise awareness for clean water crisis across the globe. Olivia Wilde, however, wins the "creative substance" award for her usage of breast milk after she claims she "couldn't find any water." We somehow doubt this is true, but then again  opportunities to type "Olivia Wilde dumps breast milk on her head"  are few and far between, so we won't ask any more questions. We also really hope she owns this building, or else some potential roof-visitors are in for a very confusing surprise.


Zoie Palmer & Rachel McAdams: Our favorite Lost Girl doc Zoie Palmer and everyone's favorite Mean Girl Rachel McAdams not only took the challenge, but delightfully doused each other and donated. They also might have just nominated themselves for Cutest Bestie Duo around.

Dianna Agron: Taking the challenge alone, the always lovely Dianna Agron dumps a bucket of ice water on herself in a bathtub. She also reminds us just how much we miss seeing her on our TV screens weekly. Those Gleeful days of Santana and Quinn were just too good to be true!


Oprah Winfrey: That's right, Oprah herself completed the Ice Bucket Challenge with a little help from her BFF Gayle King. So for those of you who have been putting it off pr don't think it's legit, you're out of excuses. Of course, following Oprah's video we too were left wondering if Dame Helen Mirren has an ice bucket...


Helen Mirren: She does! And she might also have the most proper introduction of all  before getting ice water dumped on her head by adorable children in Italy. Also, we must give her kudos for wearing that white shirt. We will always adore you, Dame Helen Mirren!


Julianne Moore:  Julianne can mostly be found in very serious dramas, so it's nice to see her crack a frozen smile while accepting the challenge. Next we'll be seeing her as President Coin in Mockingjay: Part One, so expect this to be the last on-camera smile we see for a while.

If you've gotten to the end of this article, consider yourself challenged! Or just go ahead and donate to here. Happy Ice Bucketing! 



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