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The Fosters Recap: Rosie Returns As the Quinn Custody Battle Heats Up

The Fosters Recap: Rosie Returns As the Quinn Custody Battle Heats Up

The Fosters Recap: Rosie Returns As the Quinn Custody Battle Heats Up

And, of course, Mariana also has a sub-plot about her dance team. Duh.


Happy Fosters Recap Day! This week's episode of The Fosters didn't exactly have the intensity of the last week's "Pharm Party" situation, but there's still plenty going on. Mainly, Lena and Stef are set on riddling out why Callie wants to go live with Robert, and while she's adamant that she just wants to do it because she's tired of fighting and feels like that's what the court's going to rule anyway, they're pretty sure that something's up. Callie, however, continues the process of moving on by telling Jude that she's going to go live with the Quinns and that they'll still see plenty of each other. No, Callie! Make different choices! Everything will get better! (Maybe. Ideally.)

Stef and Lena continue to make the rounds of checking on their kids' life choices by talking to Jesus about the possibility of him transferring to a boarding school. Jesus is hell bent on switching to Flintwood Academy, but his moms are still on the fence. But more importantly than anything happening on this episode, Mariana and Tia are holding dance team auditions for their new group, and a team mate from their last dance group, April, wants to join in. April's apparently one of the best dancers in school and is super enthusiastic about joining, but Mariana wants to play hard to get, because she believes April 'only responds to mean girls.' She asks Tia to be the mean girl, however, because April "already knows Mariana's nice." Guess who's about to get a big dose of irony?

Brandon checks in on the distant Callie to ask how Daphne's supervised visit with Tasha went. Clearly, Callie doesn't want to talk about it since it's literally ruining her entire life. Back at the precinct Stef and Mike chat about Ana, who has a job now and will be moving out of Mike's apartment. Mike is worried Ana won't be able to handle the baby on her own, but Stef informs him he needn't worry, since Ana has asked the Adams Fosters to adopt the child. Mike yells at Ana about making this choice without him, but Ana informs him that he has absolutely no say in her choices and the she needs to move out. She tells him that the baby won't keep them in some sober safe-haven and that it will make it even harder to stay clean. Mike responds to this by deciding he'd be a great person to adopt Ana's baby. Um, okay, dude. 

Back at school, Vaguely Annoying English Teacher Timothy is teaching a topical lesson about silence among oppressed people using examples like The Lottery and The Hunger Games. Timothy is clearly feeling the pressure the school is putting on him to adjust his curriculum to accommodate for the evil standardized testing prep. Timothy is not about that type of conformity, even though his wild n' crazy lesson plans that defy what the school is asking for might end in other classes getting cut. Timothy asks what he can do to change his ways and receives the suggestions of 'more critical thinking' and 'more nonfiction.' Good god, it's the Hunger Games all over again.

Daphne meets up with Callie and tells her the police have been interrogating her about Tasha. Callie insists it'll be fine, that they have no evidence, and that Robert's lawyer will get them all out of this. Not so, says Daphne. They'll get Callie out of this, and she'll be left to fend for herself, which will probably end in jail time. Callie is still confident that Robert will help Daphne because her decision to live with him will hopefully end in him doing whatever Callie wants. Daphne admits she should have never called Callie that night, and Callie shoots back, "Yeah. But you did." Ouch. 

Jude vists the Quinns to tell them that the only reason Callie is moving in with them is because she wants to be out of the system (which is a lie, because Callie's only doing it to protect Daphne and Brandon, but okay). He tells them Callie only wants to feel safe, and Mrs. Quinn insists Callie might even be safer with them. She also has no intention of separating her and Jude and want him to feel like part of the family too. Mrs. Quinn passes on the message that Callie wants to live with them to Robert, who's ecstatic. To celebrate, he takes her to visit Rita at the new Girl's United home he helped them by. Oh hey, Rosie! Always good to see you.

Mariana is confronted by Horrible Hayley and Mean Girl Kaitlyn about April's involvement in their auditions. Mariana and Tia aren't allowed to 'poach' members of the other group, but Mariana reminds Kaitlyn she had kicked April off the team for getting drunk at a party. In revenge, Kaitlyn offers April a spot on her dance team again, thus throwing a wrench in all of Mariana's dystopian robot-themed plans. But don't worry, Mariana's got a plan! It's a terrible plan, but she has one. 

Now remember, Jesus has a plotline too! When Brandon doesn't respond to Jesus' request to get out of his way of the fridge, Jesus pushes him out of the way and the two get into a fight. To be fair to Brandon, if someone got into a fight with me ever time I didn't hear something cause I was wearing headphones, I would have had physical altercations with nearly everyone ever in my life. But Brandon is feeling forgiving and goes to see Jesus to find out what's wrong. Jesus angrily accuses Brandon of being able to do whatever he wants while he gets nothing, for example Brandon potentially gets to go on tour while he's being banned from transferring schools. Brandon relays this message to Stef, who decides to tell Jesus that she will talk to Lena and they'll both hear what the scout has to say. Mostly this conversation is just great because it ends with Stef kissing her biceps. 

That night, Mike visits Stef about wanting to adopt Ana's baby, which she doesn't think is an incredibly great idea. Things get even worse when Mike asks Brandon why he never wants to see him anymore and Brandon responds that it's because Mike only wants to see him when there's no one else. Brandon's tired of getting all of his father's feelings dumped on him, and Mike tells him he'll work on it, but Brandon needs to talk to him too. Brandon takes this to heart immediately and tells Mike about his acceptance to Idyllwild, which would stop him from going on tour. Brandon's worried that if he tells his moms they won't let him go on tour, but Mike's sure that everything would still be Brandon's choice. The gripping 'will he, won't he?' of Brandon's summer plans continues...

Stef goes to visit Rita at the new Girl's United home to talk to her about Callie's choice to move, but the conversation isn't entirely friendly. Stef knows that Callie puts other people's happiness above her own, and believes that Robert took advantage of that by buying Girl's United the house. She tells Rita that her accepting the house was basically exploiting Callie, and Rita's obviously offended by the accusation. Stef feels that Callie, who she lovingly refers to as her daughter, is moving out of fear or obligation, but Rita suggests that maybe this is what Callie wants because, after all, Robert is her birth father. And we viewers learned once again that when Stef cries, we all cry.

Time to tie up as many loose ends as we can before the episode is over! Mariana's plan to forward April a bunch of horrible texts Kaitlyn sent about her backfires when April announces she's chosen to be on no one's team because while what Kaitlyn said was horrible, Mariana forwarding her the texts was pretty nasty too. We're totally Team April on this one. Lena confronts Timothy's efforts to basically turn the student body against the administration by giving them homework teaching them about the unfair changes in the system and Timothy ends up fired. While we didn't care too much for him, apparently the students did because Mariana decides to protest by walking out of class and inspiring several other students to join her. And lastly, while Callie is right in the middle of the process of getting her custody switched to the Quinn's, Daphne confesses to the police that she took Tasha with absolutely nobody's help, thus freeing Callie from the tangled web of legal drama. Is it too late for Callie to un-Quinn herself? Quick, make it next week already so we can find out!



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