Courtney Act Sends an Empowering Message to an 11-Year-Old Drag Queen

Taylor Henderson

UK talk program Loose Women welcomed 11-year-old drag queen Violet Vixen on their show earlier this week where she shared how drag helped her find the confidence she never knew she had. 

Donned in fishnet stockings and high heels, Violet showed off some sickening dance moves before joining the cast and discussing why she does drag.

According to Attitude, Leo Noakes's mother, Leanne, said her son would try on his sister's clothes from as early as a toddler. She assumed it was a phase and he would grow out of it, but as Leo got older, the affinity didn't go away. 

“I brushed it off at first but it wasn't until a few months after [his sixth birthday] and it was stewing a little bit, I thought it was time to knock it on the head,” said Leanne. She tried to push him to have more "masculine interests" and get involved with drag racing, but he promptly discovered RuPaul’s Drag Race.

Now, Leanne allows her son to dress how he wants and says that his interest in drag is not about wanting to change his gender, but boosting his confidence.

"He really clearly just says, 'I’m a boy, I like being a boy, just because I’ve got a penis doesn’t mean I can’t wear a dress. He just wants to show everyone its ok to be different. That’s what he taught me."

Leo has been bullied at school because of his drag, but Leanne says her son has found the silver lining.

"The more bullying he got the more he did it," she explained. "He says why spend time giving hate to people who aren't harming people and aren't doing anything wrong, when you could embrace it and have fun with them?"

Inspired by the preteen, the hosts of Loose Women surprised Violet with a message from Drag Race season 6 alum and Big Brother UK winner Courtney Act.

"I'm loving all the conversations I'm seeing online, all of the support and all of the love for you," Courtney told Violet in a video message.

"You're also inspiring a conversation about how silly it is to apply a gender to a piece of clothing. Why do boys have to wear boys clothes and girls have to wear girls clothes? What can't we just wear the clothes we feel like wearing? It makes sense to me. Makes sense to you too. Love you."

So pure!

We only have one question for Violet Vixen...RuPaul's Drag Race Season 21?

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