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White Lotus Just Left Fans Speechless With This Unexpected Same-Sex Hook Up

White Lotus Just Left Fans Speechless With This Unexpected Hook Up

Jennifer Coolidge
The White Lotus/HBO

Well, we're definitely curious to see where things go from here.


This article contains spoilers for episode 2x05 of The White Lotus.

If you thought the first season of The White Lotus was out of control, the second season is ramping things up a notch.

Tanya McQuoid (played by the ever-delightful Jennifer Coolidge) was undoubtedly hoping her vacation this time around would prove more enjoyable than the last. And things seemed to be moving in a promising direction, as she set about pursuing a fling with millionaire Quentin (Tom Hollander) — only to walk in on him banging his nephew, Jack (Leo Woodall), at the end of the latest episode. Gasp!

“There is a pleasure to me as a guy who is gay-ish to make gay sex transgressive again,” creator Mike White, who is bisexual, told Varietyabout the scene. “I just think transgressive sex is sexier. I guess I’m old school. There’s this Gothic vibe of walking through a haunted hotel or haunted house and people are having sex behind closed doors.”

The moment, which can hardly even be called shocking by HBO standards if we’re being honest, certainly sent fans into a frenzy, theorizing about whether the two are actually related and what all of this means for the unfurling chaos around the hotel.

Haley Lu Richardson, whose character Portia was hoping to get together with Jack, had nothing but sympathy for her character, telling Entertainment Weekly, “Oh man, she was finally getting what she wanted, on paper, just to find out that he’s fucking his uncle.”

“You never want to find out that the guy that you’re dating and who has whisked you away is fucking his uncle! You don’t want to find that out,” she continued.

Things were far more upbeat for Hollander and Woodall, who knew about the turn long before it happened.

“I’m such a huge fan of Tom’s, and when I heard that he was going to be playing my uncle, I thought, ‘That is unreal,’” Woodall recalled. “And then when I wound out that I was going to shag him as well — that was kind of surreal… It felt like an incredibly ‘wow’ moment.”

Are Quentin and Jack truly uncle and nephew? Just how far is White going to push this descent into “transgressive” sex? It’s anybody’s guess right now, but fans are psyched to keep going along for the ride.

Where can I watch The White Lotus?

The White Lotus is available to stream on HBO Max.

How many episodes is The White Lotus?

The White Lotus is currently in its second season. Season one ran for six episodes, while season two has a seven episode order.

Is The White Lotus disturbing?

The White Lotus is a social satire and our society is disturbing, so in that sense, yes. It also features sex and nudity and generally isn't appropriate for children.

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