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These Black Women Shared Their Love Story & The Internet Is Sobbing

Taylor Henderson

The newest episode of Refinery29's Dear, Black Love web series has gone viral for the purest of reasons! The show lets partners Kiesh and Crystal chat openly about how it feels to love a Black woman, and the two gushing over each other has overwhelmed everyone on the internet with emotion.   

"How does it feel to love a Black woman?" asks Crystal.

"Loving a Black woman feels like a privilege," says Kiesh. "It feels like I'm seen. I've only dated Black women-"

"Listen..." Crystal interrupts with a smile. "How does it feel to love THIS Black woman?"

The couple goes on to share how the adorable story of how they met through Instagram DMs, when they defined their relationship, and what exactly they love so much about each other. 

"I've never had anyone love me or never known that I deserve love like this," Kiesh tells a misty-eyed Crystal. "You are just that in every way, every day in the smallest details and the big things."

The couple has everyone in a fit of tears:

The video is so sweet that even Emmy-Winners Ava DuVernay and Lena Waithe are smitten with Kiesh and Crystal's story. 

"I’m a sucker for a good love story, DuVernay tweeted. "If no one is gonna write this for the screen, then I will. Although I’m booked til 2021. So that probably won’t work. Can someone step up?"

Waithe quickly answered that call. "Are you trolling me??? Let me look at my slate and try to unbook myself. But I also see this as a docuseries."

YES PLEASE! We need more from Kiesh and Crystal! Now excuse me while I blow my nose real quick...

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