UK Advice Column Advocates Broadcasting Lesbian Neighbors' Trysts

UK Advice Column Advocates Broadcasting Lesbian Neighbors' Trysts
Sunnivie Brydum

An advice columnist at the liberal daily UK newspaper The Guardian tackled an incident of "forced" voyeurism when it responded to a letter submitted by a reader whose panties were severely ruffled by the sight of her two lesbian neighbors having sex… in their bedroom… without curtains. 

Under the homophobe-baiting headline "I want to stop my lesbian neighbors from showing off their sex life," a reader writes that a couple of ladies moved in to the apartment building next door, into whose window the reader can clearly see. 

And then, wouldn't you know it, those dirty lesbians just insist on going at it ALL. THE. TIME. It's so raunchy, the reader can barely pull her flummoxed self away from the window to write this desperate letter. The reader's husband, apparently, has no complaints. The reader even offers to send pictures to The Guardian.

Advice columnist Mariella Frostrup responds with appropriate snark and calls out the reader's likely titillation at the steamy scene, but also makes some rather icky suggestions of her own, satirical though they may be. 

"You could do regular Friday-night gatherings round at your place with cocktails and canapés, for a fee, obviously," writes Forstrup. "Or go global. A zoom lens focused on their bedroom and you'd be a YouTube sensation – all you would need to do is tweet the location and you'd create an instant hit."

Because clearly, nothing could go wrong in tweeting the address of a sexually active lesbian couple's private home. Calling all creepers!

Frostrup eventually notes that no one is forcing the reader to look into the couple's window, and that the couple could be notified that they're providing a free show in several ways — including a sign in the window that says "buy some curtains," or an envelope left on the building's door with a note addressed to "the lesbians with no curtains."

Or the reader — and Frostrup, for that matter — could get over their sex-shaming tendencies and just let the ladies love.

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