New Health Survey Reveals the Average Age Gay People Start Having Sex

New Health Survey
Brendan Haley

New findings, courtesy of a recent sexual health survey conducted by online health service, have determined the average age when most gay people lose their virginity.

Probing some 1,000 people across a spectrum of ages, genders, and sexualities, results came in around a vastly common age of 17.9 years old for gay people to have their first sexual experience. That's a little later than the average age for a majority straight people, which, according to the survey, sits at about 17.6 years old.

DrEd's also found that most gay people's "sexual awakening" was more likely to occur earlier, even as early as 13.8 years old, compared to the average of 15 years old for straight people.

To read the full survey, head over to DrEd's website, here.

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