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The Pride Store: Discover More LGBTQ+ & Ally Brands Tailor Made for Celebrating Your Identity

The Pride Store Entrepreneurs Jonathan Rubinstein Joe Coffee Jennifer Lovejoy Nashelle Jewelry Stoney Michelli Love Stuzo Clothing
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Get to know the owners and founders of Joe Coffee, Nashelle Jewelry, and Stuzo Clothing – three brands showcasing their roasts, jewelry, and apparel, available for purchase now at The Pride Store. is an LGBTQ-owned & operated e-commerce platform partnered with's parent company equalpride, offering a curated and always evolving selection of products sourced from businesses that are owned, operated, or founded by members and allies of the LGBTQ+ community.

The Pride Store is your one stop shop for lifestyle essentials. From LGBTQ-designed intimate wellness and gender free apparel to ethically sourced coffee and timeless, personalized jewelry, The Pride Store is not only a place to celebrate who you are, but is also your best friend when it comes to holiday gifting.

For example, get to know more about Joe Coffee, New York City’s hometown specialty coffee brand, and its founder & CEO, Jonathan Rubinstein, along with the owners of Nashelle Jewelry, a woman-owned and woman run jewelry brand owned by Jennifer Lovejoy and locally made for timeless memories, and Stuzo Clothing, a gender free clothing brand with an inclusive shopping space founded by Stoney Michelli Love, share more about their respective brands, the products they are proud to share with their community, and their own personal journeys of finding success.

Read on to learn more about these featured brands in The Pride Store and enjoy 10% off your order with promo code LAUNCH until December 4, when you visit

Joe Coffee, Founder & CEO: Jonathan Rubinstein

Jonathan Rubinstein

Jonathan Rubinstein

Back in 2003, Joe Coffee founder Jonathan Rubinstein had a simple vision: brew high quality, delicious coffee, and serve it to the neighborhood with warm hospitality. Now over 20 years later, his one cafe in Greenwich Village has grown to over 20 cafes throughout the NYC tristate area, as well as a roastery to help bring their brand nationwide.

Joe Coffee is known as New York’s hometown specialty coffee, and it’s because they haven’t changed their mission to share unwavering commitment to quality coffee while creating a welcoming space for all.

“We're proud to continue to innovate and lead as the specialty coffee movement expands,” Jonathan shares. “Our first ever cafe was in the heart of Greenwich Village, just down the road from Stonewall!”

“As an LGBTQ+ man who wanted to create a safe space for all, being supported by the queer community was heartwarming,” Jonathan starts. “But the New York community in general? It truly touched all of us.”

When Jonathan first opened Joe Coffee, it was simply him and a dream. But then his family got involved, changing the trajectory of their company forever.

“Everyone in my immediate family helped me start out, doing anything they could do that would be one less stress for me to deal with,” Jonathan says. “And some of my family still work for Joe. And those who retired still show up to their favorite cafes to chat with longtime friends and new customers alike.”

Joe Coffee's "Nightcap" Decaf Coffee available now on The Pride Store.

Click the image above to shop now!

That value of community and support that Jonathan, his family, and their customers have fostered at Joe Coffee extends to every person a part of the coffee production system. No matter where you live in the world, Joe Coffee is there.

“We believe that exceptional coffee isn’t just defined by quality, but by the ability to leave a positive impact on the coffee supply stream at each step of the way,” Jonathan Rubinstein explains. “We start by forging long-term, mutually beneficial relationships with producers and trusted suppliers who share this vision, and abide by a strong set of sourcing values: quality, ethics, collaboration, and integrity.”

Joe Coffee’s blends are finely curated with compelling flavor profiles. Their tried-and-true favorite blend that customers come back for every time: The Daily.

The Daily is built around seasonally fresh components, typically coffees from South and Central America, chosen carefully to bring together our favorite attributes in coffee, from brightness to body, sweetness to finish. Currently, The Daily is made up of coffees from Brazil and Colombia, and provides everything we look for in a satisfying, drink-every-day blend.

“We designed The Daily to be a balanced and approachable drip coffee, drinkable every day yet complex enough to keep you coming back,” Jonathan shares warmly.

Shop The Daily at

Joe Coffee's "The Daily" House Coffee available now on The Pride Store.

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Nashelle Jewelry, Owner & CEO: Jennifer Lovejoy

Jennifer Lovejoy

Jennifer Lovejoy

Founded in 1999 in Bend, Oregon, Nashelle has grown from a small one-woman shop to a national brand with purpose and vision.

Owner & CEO, Jennifer Lovejoy is their passionate leader with an extensive background in business, fashion, entertainment, and media. With a love for fine jewelry and an eye for detail and quality, Jennifer has taken the best of original Nashelle and evolved the line to include some of the finest gems, pearls, and precious metals the world has to offer.

With big dreams to expand Nashelle’s core values of philanthropy, sustainability, and women empowerment, Jennifer continues to evolve Nashelle with intention, creativity, and grace.

“Ever since I was a kid I’ve been passionate about fashion,” Jennifer shares. “As an adult, I developed a love for business and investing. So after 20 years of slaying the Fortune 500 corporate world in my Jimmy Choo shoes, I merged all three of my passions together and purchased Nashelle.”

“I saw this brand as an exciting opportunity to have a ton of fun playing with jewelry, nurturing my longtime dream of entrepreneurship, and empowering women to feel and look their absolute best,” Jennifer explains. “That’s another true passion, supporting, building, and celebrating women.”

Jennifer has found the true beauty in jewelry: A beautiful piece of timeless jewelry can create everlasting memories.

“I love that jewelry has the ability to take us from feeling ordinary to extraordinary in a single moment. That we can change it with our mood and make silent statements simply by wearing a single piece. We can go seamlessly from casual to chic; from date night to boardroom. I love that jewelry gets to speak for us without having to say a single word,” Jennifer muses.

Nashelle Jewelry's Rainbow Gem Necklace available now on The Pride Store.

Click the image above to shop now!

One piece that absolutely embodies those qualities is the Rainbow Gem Necklace, available for purchase on The Pride Shop.

This exquisite Rainbow Gem Necklace is crafted with care and attention to detail, for a truly majestic look. Each gem's unique color and shine will bring an eye-catching glimmer to any outfit. Flaunt this piece and make a bold statement that celebrates your individuality.

Not only are you looking good wearing Nashelle, but you’re also doing good too. With each purchase at Nashelle, a meal is donated to those in need.

“Above all, we want to support humanity, because we thrive on doing good for the good of all,” Jennifer starts. “We believe in the power of supporting our local communities, whether it be contributing meals to a family in need, sharing and collaborating with leaders and local nonprofits, or volunteering our time. It is part of our mission to empower and support others.”

“Nashelle believes in supporting families, individuals, and communities facing hunger throughout the United States,” Jennifer says with pride. “We have raised over 1,117,452 meals (and counting) to those facing scarcity in our country.”

Nashelle has partnered with Feeding America since 2012, Neighbor Impact since 2013, and The Giving Plate since 2020.

Jennifer has one last message for her community and every customer who visits Nashelle: “My hope is you will find pieces in our line that make you feel gorgeous for every occasion. Nashelle truly is a line that has you covered no matter what phase of life you are in. From daily staples to future heirlooms, from the grocery aisle to the bridal aisle, you’ll find high quality jewelry to take you through all the moments of your beautiful life.”

Shop Rainbow Gem Necklace at

P.S. Complete the Rainbow Gem Earrings and Rainbow Gem Bracelet at!

Nashelle Jewelry's Rainbow Gem Earrings available now on The Pride Store.

Click the image above to shop now!

Nashelle Jewelry's Rainbow Gem Bracelet available now on The Pride Store.

Click the image above to shop now!

Stuzo Clothing, Founder & CEO: Stoney Michelli Love

Stoney Michelli Love

Stoney Michelli Love

STUZO's, although based in Los Angeles, heart beat to the drums of the big city of New York! Founded by Stoney Michelli Love, STUZO’S mission is to create a space in the fashion world where all are welcome without judgment.

Stuzo Clothing is a gender free brand designed to invoke thought and emotion. STUZO is for the non-conforming and bold at heart. Their pieces are gender free as they prefer to call them because clothes don’t have any organs last time anyone checked. STUZO is inspired by love, people and life. Whatever shape or form you choose to exist in, STUZO celebrates that.

“In 2008, during my final year of graphic design studies in the Bronx, I faced homophobia, racism, and sexism, which became a wellspring of inspiration,” Stoney explains. “The Stuzo brand originated from the recurring questioning of my sexuality by my mom and ex-boyfriend. Responding with ‘Yep, still gay!’ became the genesis of the brand, aiming to address diverse perspectives on queerness. Using T-shirts as a canvas, I sought to bring this expression to life, believing they offer a versatile platform for self-expression.”

But the other part for Stoney was the entire shopping experience in general: “My shopping experiences were divided by gendered sections, creating a sense of exclusion. I enjoy shopping together, but the rigid categories made it challenging to find clothes that fit my preferences and body shape without additional tailoring expenses. Shopping in spaces lacking a middle ground was frustrating.”

When coming up with new designs for STUZO, Stoney’s process is as free and open as the environment she creates in her store.

Stuzo Clothing's Femboi Tank available now on The Pride Store.

Click the image above to shop now!

“My creative process is organic. It comes to me. It’s not like, ‘This month, there’s a logo I want to create.’ I have the intention to create something that represents my Latin side. But it goes back to my organic process, where I’m letting it flow. I allow myself to be inspired by anything and everything. I love watching creative shows like Project Runway and The Hype, which will inspire me greatly,” Stoney shares.

Stoney continues that thought: “Royalty, I talk about it in their fashion and how they carry themselves. So I had a new idea come out of that, a new T-shirt, and I was like, look at that. Generally, I'm not concerned about having anything new just to have something new. I let things speak to me and things inspire me, and I live my life.”

That freed perspective Stoney imbues STUZO with came from a challenging journey.

“I think the biggest challenge was identifying who I am,” Stoney confesses. “Stuzo used to be a woman-identified company at one point in time. I had to take a step back and check in with myself. When I did that, I regained this power and self-awareness, and then I could show up in this world and perform as my true self. After this realization, Stuzo became a gender-free company again.”

Reflecting on her journey and how both she and STUZO transformed, Stoney is nothing but thankful: “We're often not taught these things, so I had to go through these experiences and teach myself. There's a lot of unpacking, learning, relearning, and regaining power. So that was a huge challenge. But I ended up being a better business person because I was able to come back to my truth and values so I'm grateful for that.”

Shop HUMXNKIND T-Shirt at

Stuzo Clothing's HUMXNKIND T-Shirt available now on The Pride Store.

Click the image above to shop now!

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