Lesbian Couple Denied Wedding at Seattle Venue

Lesbian Couple Denied Wedding at Seattle Venue
Sunnivie Brydum

A lesbian couple from Eugene, Ore., says they were barred from hosting their wedding at a Seattle venue when the owner discovered they were gay, reports Seattle's KOMO TV.

Amy Lynn and Emily Thomas thought they had found the perfect venue to exchange vows, a beautiful, rustic location overlooking Puget Sound in Seattle, Wash. The college sweethearts visited the location and were impressed by its natural beauty.

But when they called the next week to confirm their reservation, the owner repeatedly mentioned a bride and groom. So Thomas informed the owner that for her wedding, there would be two brides. That's when everything changed, reports KOMO.

"It was really jarring for me because I was only asking just to be sure," Thomas told KOMO. When she mentioned that she and her fiancee were both women, the owner paused.

"She sort of dwelled on it a little bit and then eventually she said, 'You know, I actually don't think that would be a good fit'," said Thomas.

Sarah Dunne, legal director at the ACLU Washington, told KOMO that discrimination based on sexual orientation is illegal if a business serves the public. "You cannot deny service to someone based on their gender, race, religion, or their sexual orientation," Dunne said.

Washington voters are currently considering a Referendum that would legalize marriage equality in the northwestern state. Referendum 74, if approved, would put into effect the legislature's adoption of marriage equality, which Governor Christine Greigoire signed in February.

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