That One Time Wonder Woman Kissed Kate McKinnon

Brendan Haley

Saturday Night Live's staple funny lady Kate McKinnon shared the set this week with Wonder Woman herself, Gal Gadot.

Lampooning the actress's immensely successful superhero blockbuster, the SNL cast took to the shores of Wonder Woman's home island, Themyscira, along with a castaway lesbian pair Megan (Aidy Bryant) and Dre (Kate McKinnon). After greeting the Amazonian warriors and stating "It looks like we’ve found a whole island of us!", the flabbergasted McKinnon and Bryant continue to understand why nobody else on the island is gay, after inciting a show of hands for fellow lesbians.

However, the biggest moment of the skit was where Gadot's Wonder Woman locked lips with McKinnon in an attempt to comfort and understand the two newcomers to the island. Though the DC film projects its female hero as a straight badass, the original character is actually widely known as bisexual.

Perhaps McKinnon will join the DCU as a future love interest? (We can dream, right?)

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