Lily Tomlin Tells 'Vanity Fair' 'Girls' is Too Sexual - Says 'BJ' a Lot

Lily Tomlin Tells 'Vanity Fair' 'Girls' is Too Sexual - Says 'BJ' a Lot

Out comic and feminist from way back, Lily Tomlin chatted with Vanity Fair recently about why she isn’t a huge fan of Lena Dunham’s HBO series, Girls.

Tomlin, who stars in the new dramatic comedy Admission with Tina Fey and who also plays Reba McEntire’s mother in the TV series Malibu Country, told VF that she thinks Girls is toos exual but also admits that the overt sexuality is likely the show’s draw.

“I think it’s too sexually focused. I think it should have a little more range. But the sexuality is what is going to bring the big audience, and a lot of young girls, I suppose, puzzling over what to do and what not to do or how to do it,” Tomlin told VF. “Life is very different from the time when I was 20…”

Tomlin also said that one of the fallouts of feminism is that “girls became more accessible.” She added that maybe it's not “wisely accessible.”

“A lot of young girls—they’re expected to give blow jobs now. Young, young girls, as far as I can perceive. Maybe 12 or 13 years old. I mean, that’s a rite of passage, I suppose,” Tomlin told VF. “As a feminist, I don’t want those girls to be used. Maybe they love giving blow jobs, I don’t know. Maybe they do? But I don’t think you really love giving boys in general blow jobs without any feeling to someone you’re not close to. I don’t try to speak for people that young. I’m not that young anymore. But my own sense of self—I wouldn’t give myself away that easily.”

Tomlin also said she  thinks girls should develop themselves in different ways and not get caught up in competiveness with other women.

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