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Sara Bareilles Says Her Relationship With the Gays Is ‘Sacred’

Sara Bareilles Says Her Relationship With the Gays Is ‘Sacred’

The "Girls5Eva" star opens up about her love for the LGBTs in our exclusive interview.


Singer-songwriter Sara Bareilles has made her love for the LGBTQ+ community known over the years and in an exclusive new interview with PRIDE, the writer and star of Waitress on Broadway speaks on her love for the gays.

Bareilles currently stars in Girls5Eva, a hilarious Tina Fey comedy about a 90s girl group attempting a comeback, and during an interview with the cast she opened up about the LGBTQ+ inclusive show as well as what her relationship with queer folks has meant throughout her life. 

"My roots go back into my first days of community theater," Bareilles tells PRIDE. "I was a kid who got bullied in school. The first place I felt truly seen and safe was in my community theater productions and a lot of my friends and my mom's friends were gay. And so that was my community of misfit toys. 

"This is a place I really felt seen and heard and safe," she continues. "That always carried with me as a very sacred relationship."

Even before "Brave", her songs were embraced by queer fans. "When I was first coming out with music in my early college days, I had two different lesbian films, feature 'Gravity.' So then 'Gravity' became like this little song that was having this life of its own."

The song that became an anthem was inspired by "things I've watched my very close friends go through. 'Brave' came from writing a love letter to a friend of mine who was struggling with coming out."

"For me, it's just a joy. This community to me represents a way to embrace authenticity, even when it's hard. It's that it's not always the easy path to speak your truth. It's so commendable and so courageous to do so. I love to give back and shine a light on that with love in every way I can."

Don't worry LGBTs, Bareilles' support isn't going anywhere. 

"They're not getting rid of me," she laughs.

The new season of Girls5Eva premieres May 5 on Peacock. Watch our full interview with the cast below:

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