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Star Wars Spin-Off Wars: Tatiana Maslany, Rooney Mara, Kate Mara, and Felicity Jones 

Star Wars Spin-Off Wars: Tatiana Maslany, Rooney Mara, Kate Mara, and Felicity Jones Rumored to be Up For New Stand Alone Film

Star Wars Spin-Off Wars: Tatiana Maslany, Rooney Mara, Kate Mara, and Felicity Jones Rumored to be Up For New Stand Alone Film

Are you Team Mara or Team Tatiana? Or can we just please be Team All Of Them?


If you were already a Star Wars fan, the news of a stand-alone spinoff film directed by Gareth Edwards that's been screen-testing our favorite stars Tatiana Maslany, Rooney Mara, Kate Mara, and Felicity Jones is probably only making you that much more excited. And if you weren't a Star Wars fan, get ready to become one because this must be some of the best casting rumor news ever. However, from the looks of the scant amount of info the Star Wars team will allow into the world, it looks like all four women have been screen testing for the same role. We can certainly lament the tragedy that these four women can't all star in the film, but we can also hash out which of them would serve us best zooming around the endless universe in a galaxy far, far away...


Team Tatiana



Anyone want to make an "Attack of the Clones" joke? Anyone? All of us? Now that that's out of the way, not only are we well aware that Tatiana could play ever character in this new mysterious Star Wars movie, with the series' track record she might actually have to. Sure, we get plenty of Tatiana screen-time on Orphan Black where she dominates weekly as between 3 and 8 characters depending on the episode, but truly there is no such things as enough Tatiana in our lives. It's time for multiple galaxies to experience her awesomeness in a franchise that's pretty much changed the sci-fi game altogether over the last few decades. What better way to keep up the amp up the series' coolness than with one of today's all-time best actresses? 


Team Rooney



Before we officially talk Star Wars, let's talk that other trilogy(ish) Rooney starred in that kind of ended up totally crushing our souls. Rooney killed it as seriously badass hacker Lisbeth Salander in the American Girl With the Dragon Tattoo remake, but the film didn't do as great as the world was hoping. Today, the "announced" Girl Who Played With Fire sequel still lingers atop her IMDB page like a lost dream, but it seems that the past might truly be in the past and we'll never see the day this potentially glorious movie is actually made. That being said, Team Rooney might totally get its redemption should she lead the Star Wars stand-alone, and after her brief Lisbeth stint, we're totally sure she could with flying colors, especially because the vaguely rumored plot is said to potentially involve a group of bounty hunters, and we know Rooney's got a spectacular warrior side. Sure, it's not exactly what us Millenium Trilogy fans were hoping for, but we could change gears. Either way, her upcoming projects list is pretty extensive, so we'll certainly be seeing her on the big screen soon!

Team Kate



Oh, these Mara sisters truly do tear us apart. We hope to never have to choose between Team Kate and Team Rooney, but if we do, Kate's got plenty of reasons to have earned our affection. First of all, she's a bestie of Ellen Page's and we'd pretty much follow Ellen Page and all of her life choices to the ends of the earth. Also, Kate's not only demonstrated she's a brilliant dramatic actress in countless movies and TV shows like House of Cards and American Horror Story, but she's also got an epically funny streak, as her Funny or Die True Detectives parody with Ellen Page,  Tiny Detectives, can all remind us. On top of all that (Kate Mara's pretty great, huh?), she's also starring in the new Fantastic Four series as Sue Storm, so we know she can handle a massive franchise. And don't worry that she may be taking on too much with multiple franchises. Remember that time Shailene Woodley starred in basically everything that ever happened for young adults last year? We're pretty sure Kate's got this under control. 


Team Felicity



British actress Felicity Jones may end up as the least likely to take on this role, but only because she's already super busy with Ron Howard's Inferno. Definitely not a bad problem to have. There's a reason that Felicity Jones is all sorts of busy, and rightfully so. She's pretty much blown up in the last year, especially after her Oscar-nominated turn as Stephen Hawking's wife in the endlessly acclaimed The Theory of Everything. Her resume is as diverse as it is long, with roles ranging in everything from quiet indie films (ah yes, remember when Like Crazy smashed our hearts to pieces?) to the superhero epic The Amazing Spiderman 2. So if Felicity can take a moment out of her busy schedule to zip around the universe, we're pretty sure the universe will be in good hands. Oscar nominated hands, even! Of course, this super-under-wraps Star Wars film is just in its very beginning stages (considering the one that actually has a trailer isn't even due until the end of the year) so who knows what the future will bring us? But hey, if it's any of these woman, we're totally on board. 

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