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Britney Spears Reportedly Considering Dad Reconciliation Amid Divorce

Britney Spears Reportedly Considering Dad Reconciliation Amid Divorce

Britney Spears

The popstar is allegedly thinking about reconciling with her father after news of her divorce with Sam Asghari.


Britney Spears might be on the path of reconciliation with her father… one more time.

Following news that Spears started divorcing Sam Asghari a few weeks ago, TMZ is now reporting that the popstar “wants to repair the relationship with her dad.” According to the report, Spears “knows Jamie has been ill – in and out of the hospital for months – and doesn’t want the regret of waiting too long.”

This update comes as a surprise to most fans given that Spears’ biggest opponents in her conservatorship were her father and brother. However, it appears that things might’ve slightly changed due to Jamie’s current state of health. Though it was initially reported that Jamie’s kidneys landed him in the hospital, it now seems like the biggest issue comes from an infection developed from a knee replacement surgery.

On Friday, August 25, Jamie is undergoing surgery once again to reportedly clear the infection. Sources that spoke to TMZ claim that he would “love a reconciliation with his daughter,” and it seems like Spears is now seriously considering it.

“Jamie learned on Tuesday that Britney was talking reconciliation, and [sources say] he was elated,” the report concluded.

There will definitely be diehard #FreeBritney fans who will be concerned about the singer’s new involvement with her father. However, it should be noted that Spears’ decisions as an adult woman should be respected – as that was the entire point of freeing her from the conservatorship.

At the end of the day, if Spears believes that her father is very ill and she should be by his side during this tumultuous time, then fans should definitely try to respect that decision and not get too involved in it. In recent months, fans have gone as far as calling the police on Spears after she temporarily deleted Instagram… only for the singer herself to later clarify that everything was fine and explain that these fans were crossing the line.

We love Britney Spears and only want her to be happy at the end of the day.

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