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Jão Really Wants You To Lick Him In Flirty New Music Video

Jão Really Wants You To Lick Him In Flirty New Music Video

Jão in “Me Lambe” music video

In the video, the Brazilian popstar gets some good licking from actor João Guilherme.


Get ready for some licking!

Jão’s fourth studio album, Super, has just gotten its first music video for the single “Me Lambe.”

Super marks a new era for the out bisexual Brazilian singer. Unlike his previous albums, Jão is being less apologetic and more direct about his feelings and desires toward other people in these new songs.

In the music video for “Me Lambe,” Jão unapologetically asks his love interest to lick him, praise him, and cater to him. Toward the end, Jão spots a man wearing a cat mask who is later revealed to be actor João Guilherme. As they face off each other, Guilherme takes off his mask, flirts with Jão, and gives the singer a wet lick right on the face.

The “Me Lambe” video ends with Jão and Guilherme licking a popsicle. Though they are just having fun on set, it’s worth noting that the choice of licking a popsicle is rather suggestive.

Other popular songs in Super include “Gameboy,” Julho,” “Eu Posso Ser Como Você,” and “Se O Problema Era Você, Por Que Doeu Em Mim?” However, it is still unclear which tracks will serve as singles for the album and/or will become music videos.

On Instagram, Guilherme shared a few behind-the-scenes pictures with Jão. “The music video of ‘Me Lambe’ is live. The video is beautiful,” the actor wrote in the caption. “Jão, I’m your fan!”

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