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Billy Porter Uses Republican Quotes to Read Trump to Filth

Billy Porter Uses Republican Quotes to Read Trump to Filth

Billy Porter Uses Republican Quotes to Read Trump to Filth

The star read quotes from Lincoln Project founder Steve Schmidt in an Instagram video yesterday.


Billy Porter didn’t even have to use his own words to eviscerate Trump — Republicans already gave him the best script he could ask for!

The iconic actor, singer, and performer took to Instagram yesterday to deliver one final, important message to voters.

"Alright everybody, it’s me, Billy. So this is my last plea to voters," Porter said in the video. "Tuesday is it. You know, these last four years have been something else for so many of us."

Porter has already said his own thing on the subject, so now he took the opportunity to read the words of another, Steve Schmidt, the former Republican campaign official who is one of the founders of The Lincoln Project, a political action committee of Republicans against Trump.

The words Porter read came from a thread of tweets Schmidt put out after Trump called him a "blathering idiot," saying that he has "beaten him and his very few remaining clients so much, and so badly." The tweets were compiled in an article from Max News Today, which Porter read from.

"You’ll never beat me at anything," Porter read on Instagram. "This is our first dance. Did you like Covita? (referencing a Lincoln Project ad) We are so much better at this than your team of crooks, wife beaters, degenerates, weirdos and losers."

"Where will you live out your years in disgrace," Porter continued. "Will you buy Jeffrey Epstein’s island? One last extra special deal from him? Or will you be drooling on yourself in a suite at Walter Reed? Maybe you will be in prison? I bet you fear that."

But the library had only just opened!

"Oh Donald," Porter continued. "Who do you owe almost $500 million in personally guaranteed loans to? It’s all coming down. You think you and your disgusting family are going to be in deal flow next year? Are you really that delusional?"

"You aren’t very smart. You couldn’t take the SAT on your own. What was the real score? 970? We both know you know," Porter read. "Are the steroids wearing off? Is the euphoria fading? Do you feel foggy? Tired? Do you ache? How is breathing, hmmm?"

The lesson in how to destroy a president continued with Schmidt-through-Porter calling Trump a "splendid moron turned deadly clown" and "the greatest failure in American history," who’s grandchildren and great grandchildren will be embarrassed of his name.

The words might have come from Schmidt, but in the end, Mr. Porter is a performer, and he added his own unique flair to the material, making it so much deadlier than it already was. He wrapped up saying, "May the Lord add a blessing to the reading of the word, okay?"

Now that’s something we can all say "amen" to!

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