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Glimpse Nick and Charlie's Future in Newly Released Heartstopper Novella

Glimpse Nick and Charlie's Future in Newly Released Heartstopper Novella


Alice Oseman announced the hardcover release of her novella this week.


We may have some time before season two of Netflix’s Heartstopper hits our screens, but a recently released novella should help soothe fans during the wait.

Alice Oseman, who penned both the original comics and the streaming series, announced this week that a hardcover edition of Nick and Charlie had officially been released in the United States and Canada.

“I originally wrote this short story in 2015, which was before Heartstopper ever existed,” she wrote on Instagram. “It was only released on e-book in 2015, so it’s very cool that this gorgeous hardback now exists, eight years later.”

As one might expect, Nick and Charlie follows the main couple from Heartstopper, although this story is set in the near future, where Nick is preparing to leave for university while Charlie stays behind at school, leaving the boys with a difficult choice to make.

“Nick and Charlie have existed as characters for a whole decade, and, like me, many of my readers have grown up along with them,” Oseman previously told Publishers Weekly. “I adored exploring their lives now that they’re a little older and I hope readers will enjoy reading this new chapter of Nick and Charlie’s love story.”

A paperback version of the story was published in 2020, and included an assortment of new illustrations to go along with the prose, while the hardcover release features brand new cover art from Oseman.

Is Heartstopper on Netflix?

Heartstopper season one is currently available on Netflix, and new seasons will be as well.

Will there be a Heartstopper season 2?

Heartstopper has wrapped production on season two, and has already been renewed for a third season as well.

Is Heartstopper appropriate for children?

Heartstopper is rated TV-14, but does not contain any sex scenes or nudity and would likely be fine for a pre-teen audience.

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