Best In Drag 2011: Sara Ramirez, Kathy Griffin, Dot Marie Jones and More - PHOTOS

Best In Drag 2011: Sara Ramirez, Kathy Griffin, Dot Marie Jones and More - PHOTOS

Best In Drag, the annual Aid For AIDS star-studded benefit drag show and pageant spoof, took place on Sunday night, filling The Orpheum Theatre in Los Angeles with laughter and fun.

Comedian Kathy Griffin opened the show, and celebrity judges for the pageant included Kim Coles, Melanie Griffith, Harry Hamlin, Dot Marie Jones, Sara Ramirez, Lisa Rinna, Vanessa Williams and Rita Wilson.

"This is fantastic, this is my favorite charity event," said Griffin. "I have been doing this for years. I usually open the show with some inappropriate jokes and then we end up raising quite a bit of money for Aid for AIDS."

This year’s event raised more than $250,000 to support the work of Aid For AIDS throughout Los Angeles County in preventing homelessness and hunger for men, women, children and families with HIV/AIDS.

The contestants, who are not professionals, perform in categories of evening gown, swimsuit, talent and question and answer. Each participant spends six months on their character stories, costumes and acts. The performers’ creativity, talent and sense of fun bring back sell-out audiences each year.

Check out our photos from the red carpet at the 2011 Best In Drag event:

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Dee W. Ieye and Kay Sedia, the Best In Drag color commentators

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