Clea DuVall Proves She's a Regular Human

Clea DuVall Proves She's a Regular Human

Last Sunday in Los Angeles it was sunny and warm, especially for a January afternoon. Two women went for a stroll in the park. They sat in the grass. They kissed. Sounds lovely right? Like something any of us would probably prefer to do, rather than working, attached to a digital device. Ah, but not true of the creepy photographer who hid across the lawn with a zoom lens, snapping pictures of said women.

One of them happened to be Clea DuVall, the talented and lovely actor famous for her bad-girl character in Jamie Babbit’s But I’m a Cheerleader, her mysterious tarot-card reader in HBO’s Carnivale, and most recently, her supporting role as Sarah Paulson's character Lana's girlfriend on American Horror Story: Asylum and as Cora Lijek in the award-winning Argo.

The 35-year-old actor was captured by an invasive paparazzo as she hung out with another woman—perhaps her girlfriend, perhaps not—enjoying a Sunday in the park. Nine photos of the pair were published on a British newspaper website (who knew the Brits were such DuVall fans?), along with possibly the world’s lamest “news” writeup, headlining that the actor “shares lesbian kisses with female friend.”

Most of the site’s visitors concur, and have shared some great comments:

“It's sad how the paparazzi are capturing such private moments.”  - NovemberBaby

“This is officially called ‘stalking’. Shame on you.”  - stephen

“Gay woman kisses woman, STOP THE PRESS!!! It's pretty much an open secret that Clea is into women and is also very private about her life…leave this poor woman and her girlfriend alone.”  - Chelsea

And the best one:

“I was kissing my boyfriend the other day and I accidentally gave him a lesbian kiss instead of a normal kiss. He was so confused, poor thing.”  - Sonya

For many of us, as thrilled as we are to have DuVall join our always-fun queer club, we couldn’t be more sorry that she had to endure the prying eyes of an intrusive photographer—who, by the way, works for one of the most infamous celebrity-stalking agencies in Hollywood.

But the other point here, in the new post-lesbian-Jodie era, is that when celebrities have not yet come all the way out—as in, sans public declaration—they may be encouraging even more snooping from paparazzi who likely get paid more when they “out” the private types.

Regardless, DuVall enjoying an afternoon date seems pretty reasonable and markedly normal. Her orientation aside, we’re so happy for her that we don’t even need the half-blurry pictures obscured from distant angles to appreciate her. We can just let her be. 

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