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Where the Girls Are on TV: Mary Louise Parker, Chandra Wilson, Katee Sackhoff

Where the Girls Are on TV: Mary Louise Parker, Chandra Wilson, Katee Sackhoff

Showtime saves summertime television with Mary Louise Parker's pot-dealing MILF leading the charge on Weeds and Edie Falco's Nurse Jackie popping pills and saving lives. Grey's Anatomy's Chandra Wilson talks about butching up her Mama Morton in Chicago and on living up to Queen Latifah's lesbian-ish portrayal. One of four out lesbians wins MTV's Duel and hot babe Katee Sackhoff joins 24.

My cousin Jennifer taught me something important since giving birth a couple months ago. A baby makes everyone happy. Really, all she would need to do is hold her little baby boy up in front of anyone sad or mad or PMS-ing and boom -- instant smile. Nancy Botwin (Mary Louise Parker) must have known this secretly since having a baby prevented her from being killed off from the Mexican mafia on Weeds. This season's opener had the cougar of a mom opening her legs --and not in the fun way --to prove that her flat stomach was in fact with child. While the summer TV schedule is experiencing its typical drought Showtime comes to us like an oasis of hot women salvation.

Among other things occurring in the premiere episode Celia's (Elizabeth Perkins) bratty daughter Quinn (Haley Hudson) drugs and kidnaps her in hopes of pulling in some cash by holding mommy up for ransom. Unfortunately, what she didn't expect was that no one could give less of a crap about where Celia was or if she were safely returned. You may remember Hudson from her small role on the Sarah Conner Chronicles and in that REALLY old Freaky Friday movie, back when Lindsay Lohan was straight. A long time ago, I know.

Though Monday is perhaps the most unpopular day of the week, it may become my favorite because, not only is Weeds on Showtime  follows up hottie Mary Louise Parker with Edie Falco as Nurse Jackie.

Although I was a little disappointed that she wasn't walking around in some spiky heels and a white button-up dress asking patients if she could make it all better, we do get Edie Falco in a dykalicious haircut, which is also acceptable. Though I was a little concerned that no one could possibly make a show about the medical field much more interesting than its predecessors, Nurse Jackie proves that it's not just another medical procedural saving money with its limited  hospital wardrobe.

Falco plays a Robin Hood-like nurse who works a little too hard. While she's busy doing some good, like stealing money to give to a newly widowed pregnant woman, she's also busy doing some bad, like stealing money to give to a newly-widowed pregnant woman. While she has a boyfriend to keep her days livable by giving her something for the pain, she also has a husband that makes her pancakes after she comes home from a hard day at work. So maybe she's a 21st century kind of Robin Hood.

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Speaking of doctors, Grey's Anatomy's Chandra Wilson is hanging up her lab coat taking on a fitting role as the ambiguously gay Mama Morton in Broadway's latest incarnation of Chicago. Though I know we all fell in love with Queen Latifah's rendition in the film version, I have no doubt that Wilson has the.... Assets to fill Latifah's big... suit.

In a recent interview with, Wilson said when asked if she would play up Mama's butch qualities,

"That was one of the discussions that I had with the associate director. When someone new takes over a role, the company doesn't change anything from the script, but they do lay it all out there and let people take from it what they take from it. So sometimes, depending on who's playing Mama, it might sound crazy calling Mama butch. I decided that I'll give Mama her look, her walk, and her demeanor, and then I'll let the words fall where they fall."

Though it looks like Chandra's got the suit down, let's see if she can pull off the swagger.

From doctors to duelers, MTV's reality challenge, The Duel, had its season finale last week. When we last the reality show sluts, the lezzies were experiencing some drama with some love triangles and hooking up in sleeping bags. Nonetheless, Jenn's leaving doesn't seem to have fazed her counterpart, as Rachel continued to dominate the challenges. At the final round, six players had the chance to snag the 300k prize. With two of the four dykes out  of the running -- shame on them!) -- Rachel and Aneesa made it to the final round.

After a grueling set of physically draining obstacles that made me exhausted just watching them, Rachel walked away in first place and 100k richer and I walked away happy that I got to see her stretch and use those triceps. And that's what I call a win-win.  

And while TV seems to be at its usual summer low and you can't afford to subscribe to Showtime, one silver lining in all of this bad news is that Katie Sackhoff is indeed returning to network TV on Fox's 24. Though she may not be the ass-kicking, gun-wielding badass that we remember her to be watching Sackhoff week after week she be enough. Not convinced? Maybe this picture will help.

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