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Taylor Swift Surprise Serenades Gay Couple at Engagement Party

Taylor Swift Surprise Serenades Gay Couple at Engagement Party

Taylor Swift Surprise Serenades Gay Couple at Engagement Party

"King of My Heart" is a gay song now.


A gay couple celebrating their engagement got a special surprise when Taylor Swift showed up to the party.

Alex Goldschmidt and Ross Girard were in the middle of their gathering at Sycamore Tavern in Los Angeles when Goldschmidt insistently gathered everyone around to thank them for coming, and for keeping secrets about the event from his fiancé.

“There is one secret that I didn’t trust any of you with,” he said. “And there was a person who’s not here who sort of played a part in all of this…and if you could give a warm welcome to my friend Taylor.”

Swift strolled into the room, guitar in hand, as the couple’s friends looked on in astonishment.

“So Alex emailed me and said he was going to do this and that there was a song that was really special for you two called ‘King of My Heart,’” she said. “Anyway, this is from Alex. But, sung by me, but from Alex.”

She went on to play an amazing acoustic version of the song, and hung around afterwards to take this adorable picture with the two.


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“I decided to propose to Ross listening to this song in my car,” Goldschmidt posted to Instagram later. He also shared photos of the actual proposal, which featured him wearing a REP shirt from Taylor’s latest tour.

So, much like “Delicate,” which became canonically gay when Swift showed up as a surprise guest at an LGBTQ event with Hayley Kiyoko, “King of My Heart” is now added the roster of officially gay Taylor Swift songs.

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Thanks for furthering the gay agenda, Tay!

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