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The Other Two Returns To HBO Max This Spring—Here's What We Know

'The Other Two' Returns To HBO Max This Spring—Here's What We Know

The Other Two

Check out the release date, promo pics, and new info about The Other Two season three!


After a lengthy wait, The Other Two is finally on the cusp of returning for its third season — and we’ve been lucky enough to already get a look at what’s coming.

For those who haven’t had the absolute pleasure of checking out the HBO Max show just yet, it follows siblings Cary (Drew Tarver), a struggling aspiring actor, and Brooke (Heléne York), a directionless former dancer, after their much younger brother Chase (Case Walker) suddenly skyrockets to fame via TikTok. The second season shifts to see even their mother (Molly Shannon) find success as a talk show host, while Cary and Brooke still struggle to find their places in both the world and in their family.

With a slew of iconic guest stars on top of the consistently hilarious main cast, it isn’t hard to see why The Other Two has pulled together a dedicated following in just 20 episodes.

When season two ended in the fall 2021, the big joke was that Cary had finally booked a movie role that could change his life — with a start date of March 2020. Fortunately, co-creators Chris Kelly and Sarah Schneider clued Vanity Fair in to the fact that they decided to do a three year time jump from there, so we won’t be spending the new season watching our faves navigate the early days of the pandemic.

“With the time jump, the family is years into being part of the public eye,” Tarver said. “I feel like they’ve settled into their fame, or their notoriety, and the issues that they were dealing with have become more commonplace… The show continues to deliver in terms of the characters being humiliated—the ‘other two’ getting humiliated—in a very exciting, funny, new way.”

In addition to learning about the time jump and getting some promo pics to tide us over for the time being, we also learned more about some of the guest stars who will pop in alongside the usual suspects — a list that includes Ben Platt, Edie Falco, Simu Liu, Dylan O’Brien, Lukas Gage, Kiernan Shipka, Dana Delaney, and Ann Dowd. In addition to the cast members already mentioned, Ken Marino, Josh Segarra, and Wanda Sykes are also among those who will be returning to the show.

Season three of The Other Two will start up on May 4 on HBO Max, but you can watch all the prior episodes on the streaming platform right now.

Will there be a season 3 of The Other Two?

Yes, it premieres May 4.

Where can I watch The Other Two?

The Other Two is available on HBO Max.

Is The Other Two worth watching?

The Other Two is 100% worth watching, stop procrastinating immediately.

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