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White Lotus Shocking Gay Sex Scene Breaks All-Time Viewership Records

White Lotus Shocking Gay Sex Scene Breaks All-Time Viewership Records

The White Lotus

Talk about great television!


Episode five of The White Lotus season two has broken the series' all-time viewership records this past weekend after a shocking twist that ended with a very gay bang!

Without spoiling too much, an unexpected hookup at the end of the fifth episode of season two left many fans speechless. Tanya, played by the iconic Jennifer Coolidge, walked in on her assumed-to-be-millionaire friend Quentin getting railed by his alleged "nephew," Jack.

The scene launched a flurry of social media reactions, which surely helped those viewership numbers.

Overall, a lot of mystery still hangs in the air. Is Jack really Quentin's nephew or a hired escort with an excellent cover? Will Tanya tell her assistant, who is in the midst of a vacation fling with Jack? And are these rich gays really just hanging out with Tanya, or do they have something more sinister in the works?

With only two seasons, the Mike White series is becoming one of HBO's most successful – and LGBTQ+ inclusive – programs. According to Variety, episode five of season two was watched 2.3 million times, more than any previous episode of the series.

Only two episodes of The White Lotus season two are left, the next one is titled "Abductions", so who knows what we'll witness next. Episode one did promise the death of at least one of the characters, so keep your fingers crossed that your favorite vacationer (Aubrey Plaza, I'm looking at you!) makes it out alive!

Is White Lotus disturbing?

While it deals with adult themes of sex, drugs, and murder, we wouldn't quite call the show disturbing. It's not especially violent or graphic, but it certainly features mature themes and content.

What is so great about White Lotus?

The show takes a stinging look at privilege and class at luxury vacation spots around the world, examining the lives of the wealthy people visiting fictional White Lotus resorts alongside the working class people they use, abuse, and leave behind. Also Jennifer Coolidge.

Is White Lotus on Netflix?

Nope, it's only available to stream on HBO Max.

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