This LGBT-Themed Short Film from Kodak Has Us in Tears

Kodak Ad
Tracy E. Gilchrist

The makers of Kodak have really come through at the right time with a message of love and acceptance in short film entitled “Understanding” from director Terry Rayment. The nearly three minute short tells the story of Nolan, a teen whose family accidentally discovers he’s into boys. Tension builds as Nolan waits to see how they will react, his stern-faced father appearing to ignore the discovery altogether.

Just when you think it won't end well, and because it’s the company’s tagline, Nolan and his boyfriend have a “Kodak moment” that becomes the driving force for bringing Nolan and his family together.

This thoughtful, lovely film is just perfect for the holiday season and the times we live it.

Cheers to Kodak! 

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