Queer Girl Fashion Staple Stereotypes That Will Never Stop Being Classic

A queer couple at Pride.
EJ Rosetta

We all know the stereotypical image of a lesbian: A butch in baggy jeans and a trucker cap wearing no make-up and a stern scowl. But how true is this?

We’ve recently been playing “Count Up Your Closet” and thought we’d share. Basically, take one point for each of these classic lesbian items of clothing that you have in your wardrobe and let us know how you’ve scored!

Plaid Shirts – 1 Point

The classic plaid shirt is a classic gay-girl must have. 2 Bonus points if it’s flannel.

The Beanie – 1 Point

Thanks to seriously-hot women like Ellen Page keeping the beanie alive, this easy-wear accessory can turn a bad hair day in to a good gay-wear day.

Denim – 2 Points

We started with the high waist '80s bootleg and now we’re on high waist denim shorts. And even when straight women lost faith in the denim jacket, WE KNEW IT WOULD COME BACK. Popped collar essential.

Dungarees – 3 Points

1 Bonus point if they’re washed-denim ones. Obvs. Worn with a cartoon tee and one strap undone for seriously gay fashion game.

The Racer Back Vest – 1 Point

A gay womenswear staple. Because Shane From The L Word wore them.

Thumb Rings – 2 Points

Or knuckle tattoos. So long as you’re butching up your hands, you’re all good.

Lesbian Footwear – 2 Points

Doc Martens and Birkenstocks are a little bit vintage, Vans are so '90s and Crocs need nipping in the bud. The current day-gay version of this classic stereotype is Converse. Converse all the way. But any of the above gets you 2 Lez Points.

Leather Jewellery – 3 Points

From chunky wristbands to those leather strings you hang shark teeth on, the leather strap jewelery scene is totally ruled by queer girls. 

Fitted Yet Casual Blazer – 2 Points

Adopted later under the new guise of the “boyfriend blazer” (you’re welcome, straight women) no queer woman’s wardrobe is complete without this stereotypical staple

So how’d you score? Out of a total of 20 points, let us know by commenting below or tweeting @pride_site to show us who takes the crown for the most classically gay closet.

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