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Local Newspaper Drags Transphobic NC Governor Pat McCrory

Local Newspaper Drags Transphobic NC Governor Pat McCrory

Local Newspaper Drags Transphobic NC Governor Pat McCrory

Apparently, this isn't "North Carolina's Gubernatorial Best Friend Race."


On Friday night, The Charlotte Observer posted its endorsement for North Carolina's 2016 gubernatorial election. For the first time in 25 years, House Bill 2 martyr Gov. Pat McCrory wasn't its pick.

The Observer's editorial is yaaas worthy for a few reasons.

The editorial board's primary reason for withdrawing support? In its own words, the "discriminatory measure" HB 2.

There's only room enough for one bigoted, North Carolinian piece of trash in this political Titanic of an election, Jack. (And we're pretty sure it's going to freeze to death, too.)

The editorial advocates for women's rights to control their own bodies.

Novel idea, really.

As for Donald Trump's history of sexually assaulting female bodies, McCrory's definition of punishment is simply that he "needs to have his mouth washed out with soap." That's literally endorsing a #SlapOnTheWrist sentence for sexual assault.

It's packed with sass.

So read it.

Good ol' Pat still has a thing for Trump.

During his Oct. 11 debate with North Carolina Attorney General and Democratic gubernatorial candidate Roy Cooper, McCrory cited Trump's firm stance on "certain issues," like barring Syrian refugees from entering the country, as a reason why he's a role model.

If we're ever refugees escaping the Trump-KKK-Pence Administration's electroshock reform initiative, let's try to remember this moment. 

McCrory is behind in most recent polls.

Coverage like this could help things stay that way.

So, North Carolinians, pray for a Democrat in the state Capitol this winter. Lord knows what might happen if you don't.

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