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Terrorists Attack A Drag Show In Moore County, North Carolina

Drag Show Attacked
Photo shared by Alejandra Caraballo

Drag Show Attacked in North Moore, NC

Read the reactions from the LGBTQ+ community to the next attack after the ClubQ shooting.

A sad and horrible day as the violence of the far right becomes more and more emboldened. Read reactions from the community below.

“If you're just tuning in, 40,000 Americans in Moore County, NC, are without power and many without water today after domestic terrorists coordinated simultaneous attacks on three electrical substations. The reason for this attack was to stop an 18+ drag show.”

Multi-day power outage expected

“The drag show in Southern Pines, North Carolina that was disrupted as a result of power substations being shot up, was targeted by Libs of Tiktok last month.”

“This is a terrifying escalation. We’re not immune to it here (see Courtney Act being accused of grooming in parliament recently for reading a kids book about a girl wearing pants)”

“NOW: People trying to leave Moore County, NC as 40K+ residents are without power.”

Schools will be closed there tomorrow due to the power outage

“A group of christofascists has shot at power substations in Moore county to shut down a drag show happening in town. 40,000 residents are without power, people who need power for medical devices, families who need to stay warm, plunging a community into darkness. A terror attack.”

“If you can't see the direct line between Hitler's brownshirts burning Jewish businesses and the scapegoating, blood libel, and attacks happening today against the LGBTQ community, legitimized and encouraged by the GOP, it's because you willfully blind yourself to history.”

“A drag friendly drag show in Lakeland, Florida was surrounded by nazis calling for the death of the "pedophiles" inside. Cops surrounded the place and sat in there cars and did nothing. NatSoc Florida was responsible for this.”

“These are the people who showed up outside of a drag show in Columbus, Ohio and caused it to be canceled. This is terrorism. Where is the DoJ? This is a clear violation of civil rights by neo-nazi orgs.”

“A massive convergence of right-wing militants in Columbus, some armed, just shut down a drag holiday event. Organizers expected police to show, unsurprisingly, they did not. Or they did dressed in black/yellow Hate groups are emboldened after Club Q 01”

Citizens are up in arms against the terrorist attack

“if you are doing all this to harass some gay guy in false eyelashes you have absolutely lost the plot”

“Shooting up power stations to own the … drag shows… and endanger folk on oxygen, heaters in winter, stored food, hospitals & pet shelters, schools, & businesses today through whenever. But hey, the 1 drag show was canceled so their god is happy they say..”

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