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Transgender Teen Nails Blind Audition on The Voice

Transgender Teen Nails Blind Audition on 'The Voice'

Transgender Teen Nails Blind Audition on 'The Voice'

He retrained his voice only months before auditioning for the show.


A transgender teen made it through the blind auditions on the latest episode of Australia’s version of The Voice.

15-year-old Oliver Cuthbert had only begun transitioning less than a year prior to coming on the show, and said that he had to entirely retrain himself to sing after starting hormone therapy.

“I knew going on hormones would change my voice forever, and I’ve heard stories and had friends who just couldn’t sing after hormones because it’s such a major different,” he said.

The teen sang the song “Firestone” by Kygo ft. Conrad Sewell, and won the interest of not one but two judges — Boy George and Deltra Goodrem.

“I guess you could say nine months I’ve been singing with this voice,” Oliver told the judges when they asked how long he had been performing.

“Can I just say, to do that at fifteen, that takes some real strength,” Boy George praised. "That is incredible.”

Oliver shared with 9Honey that he recently moved from the all-girls high school he had been attending to a performing arts school, and it’s been incredibly helpful on his journey.

“I now get to be so authentically who I want to be and that’s such a liberating feeling,” he said.

And now he gets to be authentically who he wants to be in front of an audience of millions, as he will continue on at The Voice as part of Boy George’s team.

“I just really wanted to work with and learn from someone like that,” he said.

Check out Oliver’s audition and the judges’ reactions below!

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