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10 Times We Already KNEW Kate McKinnon Was SNL's MVP of the Year!

10 Times We Knew Kate McKinnon Was SNL's MVP of the Year!

10 Times We Knew Kate McKinnon Was SNL's MVP of the Year!

We did not need to tally up a list to know that Kate is the show's MVP, but we'll take it!

We didn’t need a complicated formula to know that Kate McKinnon was Saturday Night Live’s Most Valuable Player of the year, but Entertainment Weekly, after tallying weekly reviews of MVPs, has named Kate the show’s MVP. DUH. Regardless, we’re happy EW arrived at that conclusion no matter how complicated the process.

Since we were so confident that Kate was MVP, and likely will be throughout her stint on SNL, we thought we’d compile a list of 10 times we knew Kate was MVP this year.

Some of Kate’s finest moments include original characters like her badass Connecticut mom, her Russian villager, her crazy cat lady and also many spot-on impressions including Angela Merkel, Ellen DeGeneres, Billie Jean King, and Justin Bieber.

Here are all the reasons we knew Kate was MVP! 

10. Kate makes out with John Goodman and it's hilariously disgusting! 

9. Kate is a badass Connecticut mom obsessed with the new Grand Theft Auto. 

8. Kate hawks pumpkin-scented douche for autumn! 

7. Kate's Angela Merkel is very concerned about which of her personal calls and emails President Obama during that little NSA scandal.

6. Kate's butchy Miss Bolivia kisses a lady during a pageant! 

5. Kate reprises her Ellen DeGeners impression while Jim Parsons does a wonderfully flamboyant Johnny Weir. 

4. Kate reprises her Russian villager Olya Povlatsky. "I'm surprised anyone comes to Russia," Olya says of Russia. 

3. Kate as Billie Jean King on the way to the Sochi Olympics. "I'm gonna drive my Suburu Outback into the middle of Red Square doing donuts and blasting Melissa Etheridge," Kate says as BJK.

2. Kate and Charlize Theron are crazy cat ladies with a special bond. 

1. Kate IS a lesbian who looks like Justin Bieber in this SNL cold open. Her Bieber comes in at about 3:55 mark but it's absolutely worth it! 

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